Best Driver's Eye View video journeys?
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I am looking to compile a long youtube playlist of driver's eye view videos, or other videos that scratch the same itch. I've been watching a lot of train journey videos and find it relaxing to have these playing throughout the day silently in the backround on my tv. I am looking for recommendations for train journey or other types of driver's eye view videos (hiking? boats? car drives?). Or even ideas on what search terms I could use to find these videos more easily?
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After a perfect day driving through Big Sur a few years ago, I immediately wanted to live it again, so found this
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A similar itch I've found - drives through time, daily life a century ago, with speed-corrected footage and foley sound effects: New York, Paris. Love the passerby who notice the camera.
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How about walking in Japan?
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I've had several relaxing hours so far with drive and listen, which pairs drivers-eye-view trips through global cities with livestreams of local radio stations (which are optional, as is the original videos' ambient sound).
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The YouTube channel J Utah seems like exactly what you're looking for.
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The subreddit SlowTV has links to a ton of this sort of stuff.
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I enjoy "Driving in Switzerland". Such a beautiful country that I have never visited!
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Not exactly driving, but D Antonov's landing and takeoff videos are super soothing. These are cockpit-view videos of the world's heaviest freight aircraft — the Antonov An-225 Mriya — as it travels around the world delivering stuff. It usually has long shallow approaches and very gentle takeoffs, and the huge wingspan make it look like it's barely moving, then it's in the air. The pilot audio over the top is pretty chill, because this plane does nothing in a hurry.
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I like the train driver's POV videos also (how about from suspended monorails, in Japan and Germany). More recently, to satisfy my wanderlust I've been enjoying the walking videos (as long as they're not to bouncy), like through Amsterdam, or Delhi, or Xi'an, China. And what's become a focus in these for me is the ambient audio, the unique city sounds of each place (wish we could get the smells, as well).

That Big Sur is great, bendy2 -- so difficult if you're the one in the driver's seat, as those views are so distracting!
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