Looking for a place to buy rugby gear
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I am looking for a place to buy rugby gear in Texas (preferably Dallas) or Las Vegas. Can you help me?
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Does it have to be in person, or will you accept online stores?
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I second shopping online. I like worldrugbyshop.com.
Brandwise, I recommend Canterbury and Barbarian, if you haven't bought gear before. You just need shorts and boots?
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Actually I need official jerseys from national teams, and I would like to buy in person.
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You could try contacting the local club and see where they buy their gear. Although, most brick and mortar rugby shops I've been in have not carried anything other than local shirts, and then the actual kit gear.

If you can't find a place in Dallas, try the worldrugbyshop, which was linked above, or Red Rhino. I know Red Rhino has a replica jersey section, but their shorts did not serve me nearly as wel as Barbarian gear so I don't know if that speaks to the quality of these jerseys.
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I sometimes see rugby gear in extremely large sporting goods stores like Dick's, and I once (only once) saw them selling jersey's - I got a nice, tough All Blacks jersey for only $30.
That happened once. Come to think of it, there is a British specialty store here in Lawrence, KS that sells a small selection of rugby jerseys, all for European countries. Maybe you can find a similar specialty store in Texas or Las Vegas catering to your regional needs. Rugby is (unfortunately) just not popular in the U.S. Good luck.
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A good soccer shop in Dallas would be my best guess. They might have the odd rugby jersey, and they certainly would have the right wholesaler relationships to get you special orders.

If you're willing to trek to Austin, Red Rhino should definitely have you covered. (On preview, Loto got there first.)

You could also contact the Diablos Rugby Club in Dallas for some help.
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