Looking for podcasts that discuss horror/thriller films
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I'm really digging The Scaredy Cats Horror Show, and would love to know if there are other similar podcasts out there. The main draw is having a few hosts with great chemistry who discuss a film they've recently watched, focusing a bit on their reactions, a bit on general film/genre theory, a bit on specific trivia... I mean basically The Scaredy Cats Horror Show but more. MORE.

If there's a podcast that features some of these points but not all, I'd probably still be interested! I guess I'm mainly hoping to relive the experience of watching these movies myself, but in a more casual and improvised way than just listening to someone's review on YouTube, let's say.

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A number are mentioned in comments in the MeFi thread about this podcast.

I mentioned these there, but I'm partial to the Final Girls Horrorcast as a casual hangout kind of discussion podcast, and Faculty of Horror for some deeper takes.
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My partner is a huge horror aficionado and really rates these ones:
The Evolution of Horror
If you are into lefty politics Horror Vanguard (though he warns the presenters can get a wee bit academic and annoying in high doses) and also Faculty of Horror
Last Podcast on the Left
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This Had Oscar Buzz does that for me, it's not always "genre"-genre but there is a definite high awareness of genre & tropes.
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For queer takes, I recommend Horror Queers and Gaylords of Darkness. The former is more sober and the latter more idiosyncratic, but I find them both interesting sources of perspectives and information.
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Check out The Bloodlust. I don't always agree with their reviews, of course, but the discussions are always great.
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