Where can I read this essay by an officer who shot an unarmed civilian?
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The Wikipedia article for the shooting of Charles Kinsey says that the officer who was disciplined was required to write "...a 2,500-word essay on communication and weapon discharges." Where can I read that essay?
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I'm going to research a little bit to see if I can find your answer, but also, my thought is that writing an essay does not necessarily equate to writing an essay that will be released to the public.
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If anyone has it, Judge Alan Fine of the 11th Circuit Court of Florida has it. He's the one who issued the sentence. And he'll be up for re-election in '27, so mark your calendar.

You may also consider contacting the office of Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade State Attorney. It appears the actual prosecutor on the case was Reid Rubin, but there are a number of names you can contact in this press release from State Atty Rundle.

And you could contact Jonathan Aledda or his attorney Jay Kolsky.
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