How to read Instagram comments?
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I would very much like to read the comments in the George Floyd post (the most recent one) of this Instagram account (a classmate has posted a petition that's connected to information in there). I do not have and will not get an Instagram account. I've tried different browsers, but that's not working. How can I read these comments? Thanks.
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I can see the image, and the comments, when I am not logged in on Chrome on my Mac. What's the behavior you're seeing when you try to load the image?
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Apologies for the dumb question but have you clicked on the post itself? The comments are on the right. I can see them when not logged in. If you at any time see a circle with a plus sign inside in the comments it means there are more comments, just click on it.
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If the problem you're having is that you're not able to scroll up or down easily, I can assure you that the fact that you don't have an account is not part of the problem. I do have an account and have as of late been having a devil of a time scrolling the comments properly in Instagram. I think it's a recent bug/change that is still being sorted out (or maybe just ignored).
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When I click the post itself or the comments/speech bubble icon, I get prompted to log in with a popup window asking for my phone number and password.

When I look at it on my (older) Android phone, I can see the top two comments. There's a 'more' link; when I click it, the entire page reloads.
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It seems like when I right-click and copy the link address, and then just put that in the address bar, it lets me see the post, whereas I get the same login prompt if I just click on it.
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Same as obfuscation: if I right-click on the post and "open in new tab", or just click on the link the webmistress shared, it takes me straight to the post and I can read the comments; if I left-click on the post, I get the login prompt. I'm using Chrome on Windows and I don't have an Instagram account.
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That worked! Thanks!
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Thanks for asking this, amtho - I'd given up on reading things on Instagram, and now I have a new solution to try!
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