how many bones do a pig, cow, and sheep skeleton have?
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how many bones do a pig, cow, and sheep skeleton have?

My other half is currently studying a faunal module at university, and today she rang me up asking to do a search on how many bones a pig, cow, sheep actually have. I've tried searching but came up with nothing. Does anyone know?
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You need some sort of an anatomy book. Other than that, I'm not sure where to look... Humans have about 200 or so (plus or minus some funky sesamoid bones here and there) but these critters will display some fusion of bones that remain separate in us, mostly in the lower fore and hind limbs. Also, we have some things fused that are separate in other mammals (mostly in the skull).

All mammals have 7 cervical and 3 inner ear (6 inner ear total). Although we have a single fused mandible (lower jaw) many other mammals have two dentary bones with a symphysis at the chin. So say 7+6+2... I suppose you could start from there and keep counting...
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A cow has 207 bones.
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I think you just made that up, solid.
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I tried googling "bones in a X's body" but only got results for cows. 207 is right. Humans have 206 bones.
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Wouldn't make up a thing like that, BB. Cows is tasty, and when I eat one I like to know just how many bones I get to gnaw on.
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Ok, now I have a question: what is the extra bone the cow has?
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It's not one extra bone; a cow doesn't have fingers or toes like a human, and has a tail, more complicated knees, and so forth.
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There's some debate, apparently, about how many bones the cat skeleton has; I find numbers from 230 to 246.

Here is a mounted pig skeleton viewed from all directions. I did not have the patience to count, and I couldn't find a ref on the web with the number, despite my best google-fu.
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