Mystery ceramics
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Please help me identify this ceramic thing.

My friend bought me this beautiful round ceramic thing with holes, but I have no idea what it is. I only have these two pictures: this and this
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I think it’s a pomander.
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How big is it? Does it have an opening of any kind? It does look like a pomander but that would have a place you open to put good smelling things in
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I have no idea... he only sent these two pictures. I imagine it's not very big. Can't see any opening.
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I found this very similar item, but I am still clueless:)
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It's definitely a pomander. You put something nice-smelling (like lavender) inside and hang it in your wardrobe.
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I don't think it is a pomander, if it doesn't have an opening to put the scented stuff in. Instead i think it's for flowers.

I say this because I did a bit of googling and found a similar Marcucci Deruta ceramic (click on 'view this lot') which is taller and which is a tulip vase. So I think yours is intended to be for flowers. I'm guessing you'd fill it with water and then arrange flowers, all through the holes.
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Right, it's a vase. A device with holes or divots to arrange flower stems is called a "frog". If you google "vase with frog", you'll find pictures of items kind of like this one (as well as open-mouthed vases ornamented with decorations of amphibians.) Here's a contemporary one for sale.
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It is a vase! I ended up writing to Marcucci Deruta ceramics and I got a reply that it's 40-50 yrs old vase:)
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