Diversify my cooking content consumption
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Recommend me food and cooking YouTube channels with Black or Latinx hosts.

- I'm looking for entertainment more than education
- Prefer cooking/food preparation to restaurant/eating focused stuff
- Country of origin not important, or language (as long as it's subtitled in English)
- Doesn't have to be YouTube, but the only streaming service I'm subscribed to is Netflix

As a bonus, will also accept gardening channels (yes I am a walking stereotype)
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I am thrilled to share De Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina with you. A truly wonderful channel.
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Bon Appetit's Test Kitchen videos have around a dozen different hosts who are BA magazine editors in some capacity, or else contributing writers, including POC such as Sohla El-Waylly, Rick Martinez, Gaby Melian (test kitchen manager, who is often a bit-player in other people's demos but has made a few of her own), and the now-departed Hawa Hassan.

Buuuut, as I look up the spelling her Sohla's last name, I find that as of this morning there's a tempest brewing in Bon Appetit, regarding a questionable photo of Adam Rapport (Editor-in-Chief) and low compensation for the non-white editors who appear in the videos.

So, uh, do what your heart tells you.
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Homestead Heart - gardening/homesteading and home cooking/preservation

I'm realizing looking down my lists that I have a lot of Asian/SE Asian channels for cooking and a few for gardening, but very few Black or Latinx, so I will be watching this post enthusiastically.
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Response by poster: Sunburnt, the BA nonsense is what prompted this ask :)
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Pati Jinich! youtube
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Carnaldish (Chef Resha) on YouTube. Her website

Seconding Pati Jinich
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Nadiya's Time To Eat on Netflix! She's a Black hijabi who won GBBO, and she's adorable
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Nthing Nadiya's Time To Eat! Although, for the record, she is of SE Asian heritage.
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My family and I really enjoyed The Big Family Cooking Showdown (season 1 ONLY - they made too many annoying changes in season 2 - whyyyyy). One of the co-hosts is the above-mentioned Nadiya Hussain and several of the families are POC. It's fun to watch, and you'll get exposed to interesting home-cooked meals from different cultures. Available on Netflix.
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Jenné Claiborne is sweetpotatosoul on YouTube. She is a black vegan chef, and a beam of sunshine. I’ve learned so much from her, and her recipes are fantastic.
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For soul food & Southern-style comfort food, check out Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill. His videos do focus almost entirely on the dishes being prepared, without much other added content, but his narrating style and the soundtrack music definitely add some entertainment value.
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Simply Mamá Cooks is I believe run by a woman from Mexico married into a Korean family, the recipes include a lot of different kinds of food.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the suggestions! I have subscribed to a bunch of channels and am working my way through them.
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I know it’s a while later but I haven’t stopped thinking about this question and I just stumbled on to this tumblr post with tons of links.
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