What should I do with all these veggie-sausage breakfast patties?
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So I've got this big bag of frozen veggie-sausage breakfast patties (I think Morningstar brand) that I bought when some vegan family members were staying with us. Now I don't dislike them but I'm just not that into eating breakfast sausage patties to begin with. I had some luck putting them in omelets, but there's just so many of them, and I don't eat omelets very often. Does anyone have any recipes/suggestions for what to do with all this sausage?

(I don't care whether the recipes are vegetarian or not.)
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Best answer: Maybe crumble them into some red beans and rice?
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Substitute them for the pork sausage in this Spaghetti Squash, Kale and Sausage recipe?
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Best answer: Sausage gravy and biscuits?
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Best answer: I have a recipe for sausage bread that involves those. I don't have it written down, but you sautee half an onion and some garlic. Put two packages of patties in the pan and break them up and add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste, a little soy sauce, and some salt, pepper, and sage. When they're thawed and broken up you add about a cup or a cup and a half of shredded cheddar cheese. That's your filling.

I then wrap that in any kind of bread dough. I often buy pre-made pizza dough at the grocery store, or Pillsbury pizza dough in a tube, or Pillsbury croissants, or whatever. Stretch the dough out thin, spread the filling in a strip down the middle, and fold it over so you have a long, skinny loaf shape full of sausage goodness. Flip it over seam side down and bake according to instructions.
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Crumble it into lasagna. Sage goes really well into a red sauce.
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A few weeks ago I used an extra package of chicken breakfast sausage to make chili and I imagine veggie-sausage would work just as well. Instead of a recipe I use this chili template to freestyle based on what I have on hand.
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Some ideas:

- Pizza topping (you can even add them to a frozen cheese pizza)
- In a biscuit sandwich for breakfast
- Add to a marinara sauce
- Cut into sixths or eighths [sp?] and put on toothpicks for a tiny party. Maybe do some small cheese pieces, fruit pieces, and crackers
- Cook some beans. Add some sausage. Maybe have some rice with that.

Main suggestion:

Sausage patties are expensive and delicious. Don't waste them - separate your big bag into smaller parcels, keep them frozen, and have a few at a time over the next several months. Personally, the biscuit sandwich is my favorite way to eat veggie sausage, but only if you're into making homemade biscuits.
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Best answer: I mean, do you like them? Do you want to highlight them or hide them?

Assuming they're not aggressively sweetened or seasoned, use them anywhere you'd use cheapish ground beef or sausage. Eat them as veggie burgers (unless they're, like, maple-flavoured or something, the "breakfast" designation is arbitrary). I like similar (smaller) patties on a caesar salad.

If they are Morningstar, they're gluten-based (ie seitan), so they'll hold up to any kind of boiling/frying/anything else you want to do to them.
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I've used TVP or meatless crumbles before in this sloppy joe casserole, and it's really good (don't skip the pickles!). I bet you could crumble up some of those sausages and use them in the recipe as well.
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Best answer: My advice is if you are going to use them in something that cooks for a long time (like a soup or stew) add them near the end. Otherwise they turn into mush. But otherwise they are nice for adding a meaty quality to a dish, although not as strong an impact as real sausage. I use them fairly often - usually chopped up and add into soup, eggs or pasta.
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Look for recipes calling for smoked tofu. Bet that would be a grand substitute in those.
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For what it's worth, this question reminded me to put just those sausage patties on my shopping list. I like them with egg, cheese and hot sauce on a bagel -- basically any kind of breakfast sandwich variation.

(I'm not vegetarian, so can confirm that they're not quite like a meat-sausage patty, but still good, in a different way!)
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Add to stuffing or hash browns?
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I can't eat Morningstar stuff any more and it sucks. Please let me live vicariously through you by doing what I used to do: cover them in A1 sauce. Seriously. Cover them and live happily ever after.
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they're good in breakfast burritos.
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Veggie hash.
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Best answer: You can make a mean veggie shepherd’s pie with those little guys.
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Seconding breakfast burritos, but just make them all in one go and freeze them. Then anytime you want one just heat it up. These are also great to take camping.
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I'm jealous, Morningstar patties are among the best of the fake meats in my book. My favorite move is to heat them up and make little breakfasty sliders with toasted bread, mustard, and mayo. Heated in the microwave is OK but they also do very well in a pan where they can pick up a nice crust.
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I agree wholeheartedly with all the above suggestions, but I would also like to suggest a humble egg-sausage-cheese on toast or english muffin sandwich. They are PERFECT for those.
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We make quiche with them - usually with onions (nicer if caramelized but fried onions are ok too).
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Should be a tasty addition to any roasted veg. like Brussels Sprouts, squashes, onions, cauliflower, sweet or white potatoes. I make batches of stuffing as I would for Thanksgiving, adding roasted butternut squash and sausage; popular for potlucks if I ever leave the house again. Fried rice, with any leftover vegetables and rice. I used to take wraps to work with various veg, beans, rice, potatoes, meat, scrambled eggs, always some salsa.
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I like those better than real sausage when making stuffed mushrooms --- just as flavorful and much less greasy.
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