Giving up Amazon. Local X Stores that ship
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I'm giving up Amazon! (Years late, but better late than never). I'm looking for locally owned stores I've found Crush-LA for art supplies, Monopole for wine and Vromans for books. I'd like to support a small business that ships (doesn't need to be California-based) from whom I can buy the sorts of things you'd get at Walgreens/CVS: OTC meds, dry goods, toiletries. Also self-stable groceries. Doesn't have to be the same place. POC or woman-owned businesses active in their local communities a plus! Thanks!

Fast shipping isn't important. Online payment options a must - I need to not rely on a phone call to place my order (though I'm happy to send an email to place an order).
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Whoops, in trying to shorten my post above the fold I buried the lede - needs to be a locally owned store THAT SHIPS!
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Hyatt's here in Buffalo is (supposedly) the biggest art store in the country (by square foot) and they do a ton of mail-order business. Not woman or POC-owned, but certainly active in the local art community.
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VegOut magazine just ran this list of Black-owned vegan businesses that ship in the US. Even if you’re not vegan, this is a great list for baked goods, specialty foods, and cosmetics. I’ve placed an order from Southern Roots Vegan Bakery. Super easy.
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Tons of local coffee roasters ship. I’ve enjoyed my orders from Just Coffee, a worker-owned co-op.
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I think ideally you should order from small businesses in your own city that ship (they may also deliver for free). Where in California are you?
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SoCal! Particularly interested in finding a pharmacy-type replacement for OTC meds, dry goods, toiletries. Also self-stable groceries.
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I have ordered stuff from Walgreens before (Chicago). Also CVS, I think.
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Thank you amtho. Rather than replacing amazon with CVS/Walgreens, I'm looking to purchase something from a locally-owned store
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Here's a 5-year-old article about non-chain local pharmacies in Los Angeles, which identifies a few women- & POC-owned stores. Each establishment is going to have its own approach to online payments and ordering online or via email.

(You may have to divvy up your standard Walgreen's/CVS orders further -- few independent, locally-owned, smaller shops can sustain such large, varied inventories. Most of the indies I've seen in southern CA are specialized compounding pharmacies, with little by way of OTC meds, non-medical-specialty toiletries, or pantry items.)

In the US, locally owned, independent pharmacies which take part in the Good Neighbor program can avail themselves of the online support features AmerisourceBergen provides to members; find a shop close to you here.
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Amazon Alternatives
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My locally-owned pharmacy is part of Health Mart, another coop like the one Iris Gambol mentioned. There's a store locator at the site, and there are many in LA area.

Health Mart offers web services to the stores, smoothing the drugs part: I can order my meds online, renew automatically, get a text when they're ready to pick up. For non-medical issues, it seems that Health Mart's buying power provides access to all the things one might find at a chain, with a couple days' wait. I needed a very particular ankle brace: I tried ordering a bunch on Amazon and none fit correctly. I asked my Health Mart–affiliated pharmacist and she found one that was just right.

Bonus: I often have medicine side effects, and I wanted to try a new one. They contacted my doc for a tiny-dose Rx. I was able to evaluate whether it would be worthwhile to get a full (expensive) prescription.
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Death Valley Nails: vegan, 10-free nail polish and zero-waste soy candles, made in Los Angeles by a woman-owned company. They do ship.
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