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I stopped at my local mom and pop for a bag of cooked then frozen enchiladas and promptly left the freezer open a crack -- overnight I suppose.

So the front half of the enchiladas were cool and soft (mostly thawed but not room temp). The back half were frozen. As I mentioned, they were already cooked (individually wrapped), sold frozen, and I've just popped them in the microwave before.
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They're fine from a safety standpoint. It's as if you left them in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. Their texture may be a bit off from an odd defrost.

I'd refreeze them and eat them sooner than usual just to avoid a lot of freezer burn.
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i would keep in the fridge and eat them soon...
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actually, i would reheat and eat them now.
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Not even close to being an issue. Eat away.
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I'm more concerned about your freezer's operation. If you have sufficient mass in your freezer a cracked open door shouldn't result in much defrosting. If your freezer is nearly empty put a jug three quarters full of water in it. The more frozen stuff you have in your freezer (up to a point) the more efficiently your freezer will work - you will save electricity. The frozen water is also a good emergency backup water source.
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