Should I Eat It Filter? Piave Cheese edition
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I received a food care package from a coworker and didn't notice a shrink-wrapped aged 12 months section of Piave cheese sitting underneath the other goodies. It's been unrefrigerated for about a week (the package arrived chilled). Will eating it ruin me?
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Best answer: If I'm reading it correctly, according to this Whole Foods document, Piave aged 12 months has no temperature-control rules and is safe without refrigeration.
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Best answer: It's a hard cheese, right? If there's no visible mold, you're totally fine. If there is, cut off the moldy bit and the rest should be fine.
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Best answer: Piave is absolutely fine unrefrigerated for a week.
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Best answer: Absolutely eat that Piave.
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I love a story with a happy ending :)
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Piave Vecchio and other aged cheeses are seldom refrigerated in cheese shops - kept coolish, yes, but not refrigerated. If it were Piave Fresco then it should be refrigerated. Make sure you eat all your cheeses at room temp for best texture and flavor!
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This is a story with a happy ending AND a happy beginning. Co-worker sending care package!!! We should all have co-workers who care enough!
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