Best iPhone case for someone who drops their phone ALL the time
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I drop my phone. A lot. I'm buying a new iPhone SE this week and I really want to protect it well. (I'm considering AppleCare, too.) I couldn't find an AskMe on this that's newer than 2018, so ... please share your suggestions, especially if you're a serial phone dropper like me!
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OtterBox. Hands down.
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I'm a serial phone dropper and have done well with whatever slightly thick case with a rubbery finish plus a tempered glass screen protector. I have been using the Mr Shield brand for years. I have completely shattered the screen protector on multiple occasions and the screen itself had no damage. I had an Otterbox back in the day and found it to be large, clunky, and not particularly long lasting.
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Spigen Liquid Air, always. I've used it since 2016 and I drop my phone a lot.
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Just as an FYI-- the 2020 iPhone SE has identical dimensions as the iPhone 8, so if you're looking for lists of best iPhone cases, you can search those too. Only the placement of the Apple logo on the back is different, so if the iPhone 8 case has a cutout to reveal the logo then it won't line up.
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The Lifebox case is solid, but I didn't like the way it felt using the screen after years of using it with a different case. However, I don't drop my phone a lot, so I can use a Speck case with the grippy edges and tempered glass screen protector.
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There are lots of great hardcore cases out there (both Otterbox and Lifebox seem great), but I've had really excellent luck with the Incipio cases - either the "DualPro" or the "NGP Pure" seem like they'd fit the new SE (it has the same dimensions as an iPhone 8). If you're particularly drop-prone, I might get the DualPro. It probably isn't as robust as the other cases, but they're notably lower profile and I've dropped my phone a number of times and never had so much as a scratch with several different Incipio cases.
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Otterbox Defender. Worth every penny.
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Speck cases do a really great job of protecting phone without the huge otter box sized cases (though I also used a screen protector sheet with speck. I have a life proof case now and I’m a fan of it.
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I use a Zagg screen protector and a basic Incipio. This is the setup I've used for.. 4-5 years now, over several iPhones. I drop my phone a lot on hard surfaces (wood, asphalt, concrete). Never a broken screen, never a broken phone, still slim enough to fit in a pocket.

One thing to consider is I think the SE is not as water-resistant as the other current models, so investing in an Otter or similar might be worth it if you think you'll be taking it anywhere with water deeper than a bathtub.
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I drop my phone an embarrassing amount, but I also detest a bulky case, and screen protectors are the devil.

So I have a slim-fit rubber case that has a lip above screen height - despite dropping my phone on a regular basis, it's in perfect condition with no scratches or damage. I have this case, but it's the wrong size for your model.
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I dropped my phone off a balcony onto a marble floor two stories down.

It lasted another 2 years.

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I drop my phone a ridiculous amount and Speck cases have saved my butt on numerous occasions. I've had Otterbox in the past but I like to put my phone in my pocket and I can't cope with how huge and bulky they are. I do not use screen protectors; I just get cases that have a slightly higher beveled edge and they haven't steered me wrong so far.
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I (and my children) drop my iphone at least once a day. I’ve had it for two years in an otter box case and a tech armor glass screen protector. I dislike the aesthetics of the otter box but it works! The bottom section of mine is now broken and the outer plastic case is chipped off but the rubber inner section is okay. The parts that fold over the plug holes are wearing out where they bend but still work. I’d buy this combo next time.
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Otterbox defender!
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Oh, wanted to add my last iPhone was in a speck case which worked for a while but my phone did not survive a drop on the sidewalk.
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Little ms. flabdablet has had several Otterbox cases, all of which have cracked and/or fallen apart and/or lost their little rubbery pluggy bits and/or interfered with after-market charging cables in annoying ways. Her current LifeProof one has been in service for some months now and is holding up pretty well.
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I've had both Otterbox and LifeProof cases for my iPhones, and none of my phones have ever been damaged, despite the gay abandon with which I fling them about, including onto hard tile floors at school, back when we went there. I don't bother with the screen protectors anymore, and I've been good thus far. No scratches, no cracks.

I currently have an Otterbox Commuter for my iPhone 8 (same as the new SE), and it has done its job admirably while not being bulky and ridiculous like some of the others -- important to me since I need my phone to be as small as possible for my small hands.
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Have you thought about dropping your phone less? Moft or OhSnap? Both work with a case. Moft does not work with wireless charging. OhSnap does but has not yet shipped. Both are considerably thinner than similar gadgets you may have seen.
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I have a caseify case now, but have had all sorts of cases, including otterbox, lifebox, and Speck. Speck grip case once kept my phone on top of my car while I drove several miles down a main road. It was impressive.

But the real trick for me was to get a ring or a grip on the back of the case which has helped me stop dropping it in the first place. There are rings and straps - pop sockets don't work because your hand doesn't go inside them. With the casemate ring I have now I can hold my phone in my hand AND use my phone for other things. It's lovely
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Otterbox seems standard but I've used fairly slim Spigen cases for a few years and my iphone has never been damaged when I've dropped it. I got my last one direct from Spigen itself via ebay (free shipping, avoided Amazon.)
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Incipio worked great for me but I also have a compostable Pela case currently and I drop this sucker CONSTANTLY and it is completely fine. (and pretty and ecofriendly!) I honestly think all you need is the rubber bumper, as stated above.
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2nding the Pela case - I've had one for two yeas, and combined with a screen protector, it's been perfect! I love that it's compostable, and they contribute to some great causes.
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if you get a case that you can attach a wrist strap to you'll drop your phone way less. I attached an old camera wrist strap to my phone; it's just a thin band, but I got into the habit of quickly wrapping it around a finger whenever I pick up my phone, so whenever the phone slips out of my hand, it just drops a few inches and dangles.
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Wow, thank you -- too many to mark best answers! My future phone thanks you.
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Lander Moab rugged case. It’s thin, absorbs impact like a champ (and I’ve destroyed MANY phones this case) AND it comes with an adjustable (and replaceable) lanyard.
Put that baby around your wrist and you’re good to go.
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I love my Otter + Pop, it's an Otter box with a built in Pop Socket. So you get a good case, but you also get a pop up nub to give you grip when you are using the phone. When collapsed, it sits with in the case depth, so it's smoother than putting a Pop Socket on another case.
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Otterbox Defender but carefully pop out the built in screen protector and get a Zagg tempered glass screen protector. The plastic ones on the Otterbox never seem as smooth or responsive as one that’s attached to the screen.

A pop socket on the back adds bulk but that makes it less likely to slide out of your pocket or hand accidentally. And sometimes when it drops it will land on the pop socket which will absorb some of the force.

Also, just have the mind set that you’ll be replacing the case every year or two. Yeah there’s a cost to that, but think of it - the case is taking the bumps instead of your phone.

There might be other options out there that are just as good but that’s what’s worked for me! My iPhone 6 is still pristine after years of daily drops.
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Mr. orchidarea works in a salvage yard and abuses the living daylights out of his iPhone. We have remarked many times how well the OtterBox has taken the abuse.

Also if anything at all happens to your OtterBox they will replace it for the cost of shipping.
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Nthing Pela Case. My wife loves hers.
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Thanks again, all! Picked up an OtterBox Symmetry today and it seems way sturdier than my last case. Now to get a screen protector...
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