Lesser known swimming hole near charlottesville
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I will be around the northeast of Charlottesville this Saturday. Is there a swimming hole within an hour's drive that is either lesser known, or maybe has a good chance of being nearly empty?

Trying to social distance in this heat! I will be about 15 minutes northeast of Charlottesville this weekend. I'd like to find a swimming hole that is easy to access (short walk, no climbing), within an hours drive, and will hopefully be vacant or have as few people as possible. It doesn't have to be large or impressive or have waterfalls. Any sufficiently deep body of fresh water that we can cool off in and maybe eat lunch by will suffice. Thanks!
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I've had good luck with swimmingholes.org (formerly perhaps swimmingholes.info?), once in WV but not tried in VA. If you click through there is a browsable map, and you'll see three options listed near-ish to Charlottesville, one official county park and two unofficial spots (Sugar Hollow and Wildcat Pool). There's also swimming-holes.info, but I'm having trouble with their page at present.
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I was able to find exactly what I need with that link, thank you so much!
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Sugar Hollow is currently closed so be sure to double check your information.
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I would check out Chris Greene Lake.
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