Another question about women's t-shirts
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ISO women's t-shirts with longer-than-usual short sleeves (regrettably, I don't have Michelle Obama upper arms). I'm thinking a couple of inches shy of elbow length would be good. Medium/size 10, preferably anything other than crew neck, and cotton w/ a bit of spandex would be ideal.
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Do you mean a 3/4 sleeve? Ex: Chico's, Land's End.
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I have a T-shirt with longer-than-usual-but-still-above-the-elbow sleeves from Gap a few years back; they currently have some options that are on sale: 1, 2, 3
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Maybe rather than 3/4 sleeve, you'd like half sleeve Ts. Here's a random example from Everlane.
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+1 that's called "elbow sleeve"; it's usually a couple inches above the elbow. An amzn search for elbow sleeve womens tshirts brings up many choices. This is cute.
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Uniqlo has a bunch of these this season.
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Boden has 3/4 sleeves of varying 3/4ness. Bear in mind it's not ded hard to shorten long sleeves, esp. with hemtape.
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My wife went all in on this style a couple of years ago. Most of hers are Ralph Lauren’s Lauren brand from TJ Maxx. Once you’re comfortable going back to stores, they usually have a good selection in scoop or boat necks.
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Uniqlo and H&M sell these, as well as Muji.
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If you are willing to purchase overpriced (but extremely soft and durable!) t-shirts, Universal Standard does a particularly nice version of the longer-than-usual short sleeve.
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If you don't want tshirts that are so slender, wash them in hot water; they will tend to shrink up and out. I also stretch some tshirts then line dry.
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Everlane also has some very nice tees with longer-than-usual short sleeves. This might be too much like a crew neck for you, but if you're willing to go the Poshmark/eBay etc route, their mock-neck tees from last summer are really great (I'm wearing one right now, and the sleeves hit about 1.5" above the elbow on me).
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I knew I could count on you guys! Thanks to all for your help.
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Duluth Trading. Full stop.
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