Power output from 4k monitor not enough to charge Laptop
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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E590 and recently got a new 4k monitor, a BenQ EW3270U. I connect the monitor via USB-C, but the power output of the monitor is too weak to charge my laptop. The only other option to connect is via HDMI, but I have only HDMI 1.4b which limits output to 24 Hz. So I am looking for a solution to charge my laptop while connecting it to the monitor.

I guess a docking station would do the trick, but those are expensive (the cheapest from Lenovo is 150€) and I don't really need any of the features a docking station provides. Also, at that price I could just return the monitor and get a more expensive one with sufficient charging capabilities.

Is there another product that simply lets through the Video signal and adds power so I can charge my laptop?
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Best answer: There are USB-C hubs with power pass-through for charging. You would plug your monitor and your laptop's charger into the hub and then connect it to your laptop.

Here's one example. I imagine there are cheaper ones to be had.
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Best answer: Also came to say get yourself a USB C hub.
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Response by poster: Great advice! Went with this model as most hubs only support 4k@30Hz.
posted by SweetLiesOfBokonon at 5:35 AM on June 2, 2020

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