Don't have a need for speed
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I have this Micro adult scooter and I want to ride it more. The only thing is that it moves too fast for my comfort - I don't feel in control of it. When I barely kick, it still goes for a while. Is there a way I can slow down my scooter? Can I (or a bike shop) adjust it somehow so it does this? I know nothing about mechanics, but I probably have or can get tools if necessary.
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You could buy some cheap bearings and swap out the factory bearings for slower ones. Looks like it comes with ABEC-5 bearings. Try ABEC-3 or ABEC-1. There are many YouTube videos for changing bearings.
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Have you contacted the manufacturer? They talk about modularity and easy DIY repairs, so if there's a recommended adjustment they'd be the ones to know about it.
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Maybe use a heavy machine grease on the bearings.
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I don't know how much the size of the scooter matters to you, but from experience, I can say that the bigger the wheels on a scooter are, the more I feel in control.
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On many of these type scooters, the rear wheel fender also functions as a brake. It looks like this one has that feature. Press lightly at first to get the feel of it.
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This is a really strange request. I don't think there's a satisfactory answer, other than constantly riding the brake, which seems like it would be a really big pain in the neck to me. And would probably wear out the wheel fairly quickly. Similarly, if you could somehow adjust the bearings for more drag, they'd wear out rather quickly. However, I'll bet these wheels have bearings that are non adjustable and non lubeable cartridge bearings.

With this type of kick scooter, the rider is the method of speed regulation. I'm guessing of you're not comfortable with this mode of operation, the kick scooter might just not be a good fit for you.
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If there is any gap or flex between the rear wheel bearing and the mount you could try slightly over filling the gap with nylon washers. It'll create some drag that won't damage the bearing and will reduce over time as the nylon wears.
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Any method that adds friction to the wheels of your scooter to slow it down will either wear out quickly (lower quality bearings, nylon washers) or work only for the first few minutes at most until things heat up and friction drops (heavy grease, nylon washers).

The biggest factor in not feeling in control will be this scooter's geometry: a narrow handlebar, a small front wheel, a steep head tube angle and almost no front wheel trail will make for very nervous steering behaviour. But it's what you get with a lot of foldable scooters. If you really need the foldability it may be best to look for a wider handlebar (if it's replaceable) or trade this scooter for one that has a wider handlebar and a less steep head tube. Else a non-folding scooter with a larger front wheel, and again a wider handlebar and less steep head tube angle would be a much better ride.
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