Help me find a perforated globe for light fixture?
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This is the fixture on my patio. It’s way too windy for a pendant, but I’d like to replace the glass globe with something more Moroccan-ish that casts shadows. Not having much luck with searching. Diameter is about 4” I think. Suggestions (including DIY) much appreciated!
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This could be wired with a bulb or stuffed with a string of LED lights, several of them would look quite nice. Tyvek. Bronze Large. I searched Pierced metal lantern and Moroccan lantern. many pretty lanterns. I have a big lantern in my house, with an LED string light and it's pleasant. If I wanted it to be bright, I'd have used a couple of bulbs. This isn't specific to your fixture, though.
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You are looking for probably a 3 1/4” glass globe (for use with a 3 1/4” globe fitter). I think that’s the standard size; you can also measure the outside “neck” of the glass piece.
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To cast shadows, you could stencil your frosted globe (or a new, clear one) with heat-resistant paint.
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Put a loosely-woven basket over the fixture. It softens the light and casts interesting shadows. I actually used one much like this one to cover the ceiling fixture in my graduate school rental and never regretted it.
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If the fixture uses a standard sized light bulb, Huffy Puffy is right on. If you google "3.25 fitter glass shade" you'll come up with a bunch of online options.

The alternative is to take the existing shade to a local lighting store, which might not be a good option in these times.
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Seconding using a cool basket.
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DIY- this bronze candle holder is 3.5" by 7", could very easily be fitted to your fixture. It's a cylinder, not a globe, but still lovely.

This globe-ish red metal candle holder
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