Can you recall an article about Donald Trump and John Casablancas?
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I remember reading an article years ago that I can't find now. I think it was not a minor news article but instead a new piece of investigative journalism. I remember it having extensive context and background about the modeling world of the 90s, about John Casablancas, and about Donald Trump, through the lens of their exploitation of women.

This article was probably in 2016 before the presidential election. Possibly in 2017 or so during MeToo.

I do not think it was this article in the Daily Beast, as I think it was longer and as much about Casablancas as it was about Trump.

I do not think it was this article in the Guardian, as I don't think the timing is right or that it was a book excerpt.

I have a memory of it being on a website that had orange in its colors, but I don't think it was this Mother Jones article because the article was significantly about Casablancas.

I also don't think it was thisor this from DailyKos because I think it was an article commissioned for an established company, not a blog post. Re-reading these now, it's possible it was the first of these, but I remember it being a more polished, official piece of writing.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Yes; I think the article was published after Casablancas died in 2013, but I can't find it either. (Maybe something in response to the fawning Casablancas documentary from 2016/2017?) This recent piece at the Guardian covers a bit of the same ground (Trump's involvement in Elite's Look of the Year contests in the early 1990s) of the article I remember.
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I remember reading it and I wonder if it was a Vanity Fair piece.
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Hm, maybe something from this Twitter thread?
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I see a longish article in New York Magazine Jan 25, 1988 but I don't see Trump mentioned. Still creepy.
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