Scam-filter?: received a gift from myself from Amazon?
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I've received some packages from Amazon, addressed to me, with items that I didn't order. The packages included gift notes saying "enjoy the gift" and saying it's from me (my full name). Has anyone encountered something like this? Is this some sort of scam?

One of them was even in one of those gift bags Amazon uses when someone selects gift-wrapping as an option. These don't show up in my Amazon order history, so they're definitely not something I ordered accidentally. They are totally random items.

If it's a scam, any recommendations on what I should do? Contact Amazon? Someone else?
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Best answer: It's probably not a bad idea to change your Amazon account password and enable 2 factor verification for your account if you suspect brushing, as it looks like the scam requires a certain amount of account information and/or access.
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