What's the most reliable registrar where I can transfer a .tk domain?
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I own a .tk domain via Freenom that stopped redirecting to another domain. I couldn't fix it immediately using Freenom's tools because Freenom experienced 500 errors. When I was able to access the management pages today, I saw my redirect and nameserver info were gone. So I'm interested in transferring my domain, but my preferred registrar doesn't support transfer of .tk domains. NFSN's option to manage DNS for an existing domain also won't work with it. Any suggestions for a reputable, reliable registrar to which I might transfer a .tk domain in the future?
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As a general rule I've used Gandi.net for a bit now and they seem to be quite good, as far as registrars go. They do support .tk but it requires extra hoops from them (prob for upstream registration policies - you have to sign up for their Professional Services thing at least for initial registration/transfer) so it's.. not cheap. I will note that I don't use their DNS nor hosting - they're just registrar for me, and I have some DNS stuff through AWS Route 53 and some through NearlyFreeSpeech and some through Dreamhost, none of which support registering a .tk domain. (Once it's registered, though, DNS can be done by anyone, so you could totally use Gandi as a registrar and then run DNS through NFSN.)

As a cheaper option, GoDaddy does support .tk for registration. I've certainly never had a problem with them when I've used them but for various reasons (mostly related to skeezy advertising 20 years ago or whatever) I don't give them any money. But, they work pretty well in my experience, and they're way (way) cheaper than Gandi for .tk.
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Seconding gandi.net . I have had a dozen personal domains registered with them for many years.
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