Blogs by night shift workers?
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I am looking for blogs written by low-wage, night-shift employees (such as convenience store clerks) who use their blogs to chronicle interesting experiences from their working lives. Any suggestions?
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This woman who drive a NYC cab is pretty good.

My all time favorite was a cab driver who used to write for SFgate. I believe he stopped driving, but night cabbie's archives are still on the web.
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A bunch of employees at a Vancouver coffee shop recently quit their jobs and posted a Dear John letter in the window. It created quite a stir in the local blogging community for a few moments.
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A waiter
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not quite [mid]night-shift... but i wrote this last summer working at a rehab clinic after graduating college. It's short. I'd start from the beginning.
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i no longer do that for a living ... but i did for a total of 15 or 16 years

you are absolutely right that night shift workers have very interesting experiences ... anything from hilarious to horrifying

hmmm ... maybe i should write something about that ...
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True Porn Clerk Stories made the rounds a couple of years ago but is still worth a look and has some night shift stuff.
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A couple of years ago, jonmc had the greatest domain name idea evar! for a site that woulda aggregate stories like those: nametagnation.

Nothing came of it, sadly, but I thought that it was brilliant. Here's an amusingly circular link (it references MeFi and that phrase) that has some resources and an old MeFi thread started by jonmc.
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Convenience store.
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People who hate their jobs. You should be able to find a few blogs after searching for 'night shift' here.
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Oh, also: not blogs, but the SA forums have frequent, often hilariously funny threads where goons tell their stories about their McJobs. I don't know if you can read the GBS forum there without paying for membership these days, but if so, it's worth a look.
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Well, it's not quite what you described, but the Acts of Gord describe the interesting events of a video game store owner.
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When I saw 11 answers, I was sure I was too late, but to my surprise, no one has mentioned the very popular customers_suck, bbv_drones (Blockbuster Video employees), and coworkers_suck communities on LiveJournal. The people who post there do like to complain, and a lot of entries are just normal bitching about work, but there are a few gems now and then.
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Of course, after waking up and re-reading the title of this post, please disregard the BBV link in my previous answer -- the rest of links are still good though.
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Nee Naw and Random Acts of Reality (both London Ambulance Service & found here on mefi) are decent - they describe a whole section of society I'll never see. Definitely read the Porn Clerk Diaries linked above too.
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Airhen's mention of "Waiter"made me think of "Bitter Waitress." It's not exactly a full out blog, but it IS interesting.

And I love the shitty tipper database and such.
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I didn't blog about it but I used to be a third shift Waffle House waitress...oh the stories I can tell!
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No longer written, but the hilarious archives are still there: Operators Standing By, by a night-shift answering service employee.
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Clublife is a blog written by a bouncer at a New York nightclub.
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Again not a blog, but one of the most interestingly weird books I've ever read is the self-published "11 Years, 9 Months, 5 Days," so titled because that's how long its author worked at a fast-food place he calls "The Burger Store." Seriously, it's like "JIm's Journal" in book form. So bizarrely awesome!
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These are some really interesting blogs.
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