How to find upscale/modern rural vacation rentals in NE USA?
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I am looking for a rural vacation rental for a romantic getaway later this summer. Looking at West Virginia, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania or Vermont (up to 7 hours from Philadelphia). I'm having trouble finding any rentals with a clean, modern design.

Needs to sleep 2, price point is up to $300/night. Anywhere with good hiking and birdwatching.

Everything I'm seeing on Airbnb and VRBO is like a hodgepodge of random furniture, weird-color carpet, floral wallpaper, garage sale wall art hung haphazardly, etc. I don't feel relaxed in these busy environments and frankly, I just get the vibe that they're harder to keep clean.

It doesn't need to be very upscale or luxurious, I am just looking for a rental with a clean, modern, minimal design. More Crate & Barrel, less "Grandpa's Hunting Lodge circa 1982" Any tips for searching for a more "upscale" aesthetic for a rural vacation rental?
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I'm in Vermont and there are a lot of AirBnB options here (though not entirely opened up yet b/c COVID and currently you'd be asked to quarantine for two weeks if you came here on vacation so it might not be your place?) I think the answers are likely to be bigger places which would also mean more expensive places. In the place where I usually am for the summer, there are a lot of places that fit your criteria but they often sleep six and are priced accordingly since they're near the beach. Don't know if this works but here's a link you can click for a sample June weekend. Amazing bird watching. A few places in your price range. You might be more likely to find what you're looking for with something like "Guest cottage" or searching specifically for one bedroom apartments.
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You might find something like what you're looking for in the greater Snowshoe area of West Virginia. No idea what the virus is going to do to rental rates but depending on what is going on in the area you can get some cheap rates during the summer.
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Maybe this place? someplace else in the Phoenicia, ny area? I think your budget is low for a standalone rental, which are typically meant to sleep more, but high for most hotels, but ne rural tends to lean more rustic than modern in accomodations. Mohonk mountain house is fancy snd way over your budget, but still not a decor that sound like it would suit your tastes.
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Red Cottage might have something for you.
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On AirBnb and other platforms you can haggle/ negotiate over the price. Especially as the dates get closer, but similar opportunities may present now further out due to Covid. Unsold room/ house nights are gone forever, which some owners/ managers understand and do yield management. Some people don't want to change their prices, but there is no harm in asking.
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Not in the states you mentioned, but I'd recommend the berkshires (MA), the hilltowns of western mass (between the berkshires and the pioneer valley further to the east), or the northampton/amherst area. If you are looking for a "high end" aesthetic, this should be abundant in and around Lenox, MA, and Great Barrington, MA - Tanglewood and Canyon Ranch are nearby, fairly pricey, attractions that draw folks from NYC and Boston, etc - folks who like things a lil on the fancier side. The Appalachian trail runs through the berkshires, so yes to hiking, and to hear my friend, a local there, tell it, the area is home to many avid birders. I can directly vouch for some lovely Audubon society preserves in massachusetts, though not the ones in the berkshires - but i'm guessing they're there as well and are lovely. Another nature thing to google is "Massachusetts Trustees of the Reservations." It won't take more than 7 hours to get to these places from philly - they are south of Vermont.
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I just did one of these last weekend near Portland-- it looks like there might be some in your area. We loved it. Minimal, clean, self contained, and I never saw another person- even check in is via text & by code. The units are spaced more than 50 feet apart.
Getaway House
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Look no farther than the Guest House at Field Farm. 1948 Bauhaus design. Get an upstairs room with a balcony. You can hang out in the living room filled with modernist furniture and art. Fabulous views. Excellent spot from which to explore the Berkshires.
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Here's one (tiny) option in the Hudson Valley.
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I'm continually getting targeted Instagram ads for this tiny cabin company called Getaway. It definitely has the aesthetic and location you're looking for, but the size/proximity to other people might be deal breakers, depending on exactly what you're looking for.
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Oh shoot, just realized someone above mentioned that - didn't notice that initially because they said they were in Portland.
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