How to set an alarm/reminder on apple watch down to the second.
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I'd like to be able to set an alarm to vibrate my apple watch at a given time down to the second rather than the minute. How can this be done?
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Calculate the duration in seconds, and use Siri to set a countdown timer for that exact amount.
posted by dmd at 3:54 PM on May 27, 2020

If it is an alarm I can't think of a way short of a third-party app. If you need a timer then I agree with dmd. Something like "Hey, Siri, set a timer for 1812 seconds" will give yo a timer that is 30m12s.
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The Timer on an Apple Watch has a seconds place already. You can set a timer for 30m12s without converting to seconds.

I don’t know of any way to set the alarm to a specific second, sorry. Maybe you can use Shortcuts on your iPhone to set an alarm that triggers a timer set for the appropriate number of seconds? (When the timer goes off on your iPhone it will also go off on your Apple Watch.)
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Response by poster: Using Shortcuts to have an alarm trigger a timer waits for user interaction to start the timer. I'm happy to use a third party app if one exists but I can't find one.
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