How do I get rid of my upper eyelid wrinkles?
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How do I get rid of my upper eyelid wrinkles cheaply without resorting to plastic surgery?

I have suddenly developed upper eyelid wrinkles out of nowhere. It is worse on one side (where I also have a pillow wrinkle under the eye) so I suspect it may be partly due to my habit of squashing my face into the pillow in my sleep. I am a side-sleeper and have tried to switch to sleeping on my back many times over the years for the sake of my face but I have trouble falling asleep in this position.Other possible culprits are dryness and ageing (I am middle-aged).

I tried to moisturize my upper eyelids with prickly pear seed oil. Unfortunately, after while, the oil got into my eyes and I spent the day with bleary, irritated eyes.

Is there a way to get rid of my upper eyelid wrinkles cheaply without plastic surgery? Affordable eye products? How do I apply them without the stuff getting into my eyes?
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If they are "dry lines" from the skin being dry, just moisturising will actually help, I have a couple lines that appear and disappear depending on how dry my skin is. I just use whatever moisturiser (but nothing with SPF or retinol or anti aging because those really sting if they get in your eyes.)

On the other hand, if they're proper wrinkles I'm not sure you can make a huge difference without surgery. Doesn't sound like a candidate for botox, but I know very little, I'm sure other mefites will weigh in.
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Anecdotally i know someone who suddenly developed weird asymmetrical wrinkles. It turned out to be a result of eye strain, specifically too much time spent looking at scrolling text on a computer screen. The solution was a redesigned workstation.
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I notice more wrinkles when I am dehydrated. Try upping your water intake and see if it helps. It may take a while to see if the hydration helps.
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+1 for moisturizer and for keeping hydrated

There are pillows designed for people who sleep like you do. Those might help.
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I am a side-sleeper and have tried to switch to sleeping on my back many times over the years for the sake of my face but I have trouble falling asleep in this position.

I realize this is not your main question, but:

I could never, ever sleep on my back, like, at all. I really wanted to, because sleeping on my side was murder on my hips, but I couldn't. I tried to force it by not allowing myself to sleep on my side, and all that would happen is three days later, I would be exhausted from having not slept in three days and I would give up. I got an adjustable bed that slightly elevates my feet and head and now I sleep on my back effortlessly. I suspect a similar "zero g" sleeping position could be achieved with pillows rather than a whole new bed if you want to try it out without committing. It might not solve your eye wrinkle problem anymore, but it might help your sleeping on the side issues!
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Look for ‘eyelid tape’ (they have it on amazon if you want to see pix). Certainly not for everyday use, but useful for a quick lid-lift anytime you need to utterly defeat the ever-reaching hands of Chronos.
Also nthing moisturizer.
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I use Frownies for things like that and they work. I also have a satiny, slippery pillowcase that is easier on the skin and hair. And moisturizer and hydration as others said are essential. I've found a cheap alternative to Retinol is piercing a Vitamin A capsule and rubbing the oil on my skin. It smells fishy, but that's the only drawback. Make sure you use sunscreen if outside.
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Moisturizer, definitely. Look for one that contains humectants (water-absorbing ingredients) such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or urea.
Oils will prevent trans-epidermal water loss, but they won't add anything in themselves. If you like the one you're using, maybe layer it very lightly over the top of a traditional moisturizer.
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Retinol creams. Tretinoin if you can get a prescription for it, which is pretty easy online sites to get it through, do not apply directly to your eyelids, mix with another moisturiser or use on the surrounding skin. Avenue makes a great Retinaldehyde based eye cream which is gentle enough to use directly on eye skin and amazing. I have severe sun damage to my eyelids that caused crepiness, wrinkles & drooping & both products have been amazing and have helped lift & minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

This is assuming of course you have your skins moisturisation all sorted out.
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wwax: Do you mean Avene eye cream? Because I got no results for Avenue Eye Cream? Also, which is the specific one that you use?
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I think this might be the eye stuff @wwax meant:

RetrinAL Eyes

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