Websites and software for mind maps?
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What websites or software do you enjoy for making mind maps, and why? Bonuses if they work on a Mac, are free, and are fun!
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I use Xmind, and I paid for the pre-subscription version. I liked how much it can be customized and the different templates. I tweaked it to look how I want it to, and I just really enjoy using it.
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I've used Mindmeister collaboratively. Not sure if other platforms have those same features but our project team found it very easy to use and it really helped clarify our group goals and workflows.
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We use Miro, and I have to say I really prefer Mindmeister; Miro's export-to-Excel function is horrendous, and Mindmeister's is perfectly OK.
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I really love Mural! It's a giant whiteboard and sticky note system, and you can create groups that arrange or organize content, and color code. It really works for the way I think!
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+1 for Miro (formerly Realtime board)
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Everyone at my work use Miro for that. Easy to try out.
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Workflowy is not mind-mapping software per se, because it create outlines and is not graphical like a typical mind map. But I use it to organize my ideas like many others use mind-mapping software. It's a really cool idea for program and suits my brain better than typical mind mapping. The free tier is enough for my usage, too.
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