20 pounds? Really?
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I sleep with three(!) conventional blankets, not for the warmth, but for the weight. Seems like I'd be an ideal candidate for a weighted blanket. But based on my weight (~235 lbs.) the interweb recommends a 20-25 lb. weighted blanket for me. My current three blankets weigh ~10 lbs. combined. Doubling that seems like overkill. Is it?

I get quite warm under my three blankets, so I turn down my thermostat to compensate, which is fine in the winter, but gets expensive (and environmentally irresponsible) in the summer.

Is a 20-25 lb. weighted blanket really best for me? Or will that seem too heavy?
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I’ve slept under a 15 pound weighted blanket, and under two comforters, and the latter is much warmer than the former, presumably due to layering. But there are also cooling weighted blankets to be had.
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I cannot say what is best for you. I can say that the rule of thumb of 10% of your body weight works well for me. KNow too that the size of the blanket is relevant. A 20 pound twin weighted blanket will feel heavier than a 20 pound queen blanket. For me, the same weighted blanket will feel perfect one night and might seem heavy another.I used one for the last 6 months or so. I have recently found that it seems hotter when the weather is warmer, but like you, I would load up on blankets for weight and would be very hot in the warmer months.
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I am 5'4 and ~150lbs and I have a 25-lb weighted blanket but as mentioned above the size of the blanket is relevant. Mine is the size of the whole surface of a full-size bed, but some are sized to just cover your body. For me, mine feels maybe a bit heavy to sleep under (though I did that regularly for a long time) but at the same time not as heavy as I'd like to lay under for a bit to chill (sometimes I fold it in half for that.)
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There is the fact that you have to give people safe recommendations. So look at these rules as upper limit. If your objectives are achieved with a lower weight that’s great.
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I’m 160 lbs and sleep under a 20 lb blanket and often wish it were heavier. Remember the weight is spread out over the whole blanket. My blanket is larger than normal, 60” by 80” (I’m 5’11 and the typical size never covers my feet AND my shoulders) so it’s spread out a bit more too. It doesn’t really feel very heavy when I’m sleeping under it, just when I try and pick it up. YMMV as some people feel like they’re suffocating. Can you try folding your three blankets in half and try laying under that? That should approximate 20 lbs. See how that feels.

A weighted blanket will definitely be less warm than the three blankets, though may still get warm in summer. Go for one without a kinky/soft back for more cool.
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I've heard of people having sore knees/joint from too-heavy weighted blankets putting pressure on the knees.. so there's that to consider too. If you're comfortable with 10 lb why not go with that? I think the limit is more like a safety limit, especially for kids. If you were 350 lbs, I don't think a 35 lb blanket would feel good, would it?

Just my thoughts, I have no experience with weighted blankets but always been curious to try.
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Yeah, the weight recommendation is "if you want something really heavy, be cautious and try this first." If you want something lighter than it, that's totally reasonable and you should buy something lighter than it.
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I weigh 230 and the 20 lb blanket was far too heavy for me. I felt trapped. If I wanted to order win again I would go with a 10 pounder.
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I weigh less than you and sleep under a heavy duvet and a 9kg weighted blanket (ballpark 20lbs). I've tried other weights and like this the best. So obviously your personal preference could be for anything, but the suggestion of a 20lb blanket is totally in the zone that people use.
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I am 5'4 and ~150lbs and I have a 25-lb weighted blanket but as mentioned above the size of the blanket is relevant.

I am 5' 2"and ~140 and I weighed my blankets and they came in at between 20-25 lbs. I like it! But if I'm sleeping in a certain way I can get numb in parts of my body that may have heavy blanket on them (occasional toe or knee) I don't have health issues that make this an issue but if I'm being honest it may be a little heavy for me. And yeah it's good to not keep your bedroom arctic in the summertime so that's worth also thinking about.
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I have the 15lb CoolMax blanket from Weighting comforts. It's c. 10% of my body weight, and sized to fit over just me (as opposed to over a whole queen size bed). I sleep under just it and a top sheet in the AZ summer. Sometime in the fall when the temperature falls I get too cold under it so go back to a duvet.
I should also note that I've got bad allergies so have to wash all bedding including the weighted blanket on a steam/allergy cycle; I do the sheets 1/week but the blanket 1/every two weeks, and it has held up to this treatment pretty well, but I have only had it one year.

Right now, with all of my excess stress from... all this... I'm really enjoying having the weighted blanket to sleep under, and 10% is really about right for me.
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I am under a ton of blankets here on a nightly basis, more than I ever thought would be comfortable and I sleep sooooo much better. I'll never go back, especially now that I know there are cooling weighted blankets out there.
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Several years ago I won a free hand-made weighted blanket and as I was totally unfamiliar with the concept at the time, I picked a 25-pound blanket because that's what the woman who sent the contest link had purchased. It was wayyy too heavy for me, I'm a woman of average height and size. I felt imprisoned in it, and I can't sleep without *some* weight over my legs. It's just too much weight for my preference. I also find it kind of annoying to carry up and down the stairs.
Over time I've purchased other weighted blankets but right now the one that works best is a five-pound toddler size blanket I got on super sale from some no-name site. I actually spread it across me and my spouse over other covers and sometimes even that will get too heavy and one of us will throw it overboard in the night.
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I have a queen sized 20 lb weighted blanket and got used to it really quickly. Maybe you could try a couple nights where you double over your 3 blankets and sleep under a giant mound of blanketness to try the heavier weight out? (Only if the size of your blankets allows for this obviously.)

Errr side question- has anyone tried the cooling weighted blankets and do they actually stay cool as advertised if they're inside a duvet cover?
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I have a 25 lb. weighted Napper from Bearaby and I love the crap out of it. I am heavier and it is a good weight for me. They have cotton one and a eucalyptus one that supposedly sleeps cooler but I live in Texas and sleep under my cotton one year round.
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I don’t put my CoolMax blanket inside a duvet cover, instead I use a flat sheet between it and me. That stays ok unless it’s hot flash time.

I don’t put it in a duvet cover because I would have to replace the cover weekly due to allergies, and getting a weighted blanket into a duvet cover on a weekly basis was Not Happening.
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Just a follow-up here: took me awhile to get around to it, but I have now been sleeping under a 20 lb. weighted blanket (one of the ones sized to cover just one person) for about a month and absolutely love it. Thanks to everyone for the advice!
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