Help my brother track down two SFF novels
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My brother wants to find two SFF novels he read at one point, but can now no longer remember the titles or authors of. I told him tales of the fantastic novel-finding skills of Ask Metafilter, and he sent me the details. Help me prove that my boasts of this site were not mere vainglory? Novel descriptions inside.

1) A book about a girl who is the daughter of a god, one of the norns, and of a demon, who is now powerless and cast out of hell. There is a pact between the demons and the gods that they cannot kill each other, but since she is both she would be able to kill one of them, so the demons try to recruit her to their side by addicting her to chocolates laced with a very powerful demon-made drug. She breaks the addiction by cutting out her appetites, which would eventually kill her so she (and I think her brother) try to get a golden apple to restore her. Meanwhile her father has trapped another demon in a Klein bottle to steal his power. The gods are introduced and they are just as evil as the demons; they punish a hero by freezing him in place but he still experiences time but cannot move or act.

2) A book about an intelligent spaceship in a universe in which data storage methods appear to be a major source of conflict. The telepathic races, or at least those that consume brains to directly access memory and data, appear to hate the non-telepathic races that store data by computer, and now there is a type of computer (using micro black holes?) that can store data "cleanly" and so must be controlled. The telepathic races have tricked humans into joining retirement communities in space that uses their mental processing power for malignant purposes. The spaceship is composed of two components that have joined and one of the halves is I think called Flyte.
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The second book is probably Appleseed by John Clute.
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He confirms that's the one! One down!
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Is the first one Mortal Coils? I haven't read it, so this is a bit of a wild guess.
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He's not sure; he's going to check. Thanks!
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