Covid #s without New York
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I would like recent/up-to-date numbers of covid death/cases/etc for U.S. and U.S. without NY. Where can i find this, without having to compile the data myself

Like this article, but with more recent data:
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You can see the breakdown by state here, just subtract NY from the totals:
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Yeah that will work, it's not awesome, but is the #s. I suppose I'm also hoping for the graphs. Lazy, lazyweb.
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Okay, I too was curious so I made it myself. Here you go.

Data is from this source; I added all US states except for NY state and calculated new cases per day.
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I was also curious to see the data in a slightly different way and also did it myself, using the same data source as suedehead. (Note that as far as I can tell, this data source, from Johns Hopkins University, is probably the best quality source of count data available for the U.S. My version is here, and differs from suedehead's mostly in that I wanted to see NY cases alongside non-NY cases.

Disclaimer that this is a total off-the-cuff plot of JHU's data and reflects no deeper analysis I've done of the data -- interpret with care.
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By the way, since I've got the data loaded up now it's not too hard for me to generate another plot. If there's a specific comparison or way of viewing the data you want, please post a follow-up and if it's not too hard and I've got time I may be able to accommodate you (though I can't promise I will).
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Y’all :-)

That’s *exactly* what I was hoping for (and, sigh, the visual trend I was expecting to see)
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Peter Walker is maintaining a dashboard that includes NY versus rest of US plots of all the data from The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project. You can also use the drop-down menu at the top right to plot, for example, NY+NJ+CT versus rest-of-US.
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I'm interpreting this as Covid raged uncontrolled in NY, many, many people got it and are now immune or dead. (i.e. NY is now past the peak) When you look at the aggregate numbers of new infections in the US, it appears that they are decreasing because the now lower number of new cases in NY (due to immunity/death) are skewing the results. When you back out the NY numbers, the rate of new infections looks almost constant. Am I reading the data wrong? (I'm fully prepared for the answer to be "yes.")
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The number of confirmed outside NY area has been fairly flat recently, but the rate of testing has also increased by more than 50% over the past month, so this might mean that cases are actually declining but we are detecting a higher portion of them. Hospitalizations are declining both inside and outside New York, which is consistent with this explanation. (There are still a few places where hospitalizations are increasing, however.)
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COVID Exit Strategy might be helpful.
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