Looking for non-dairy chocolate candy
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I have always wanted to go dairy free and now my body is forcing me to. Happily, I've discovered violife non-dairy cheese. Now I am trying to find a good substitute for chocolate candy, especially peanut M&Ms. I do not like the brand Coconut Cloud. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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May I introduce you to the best thing on earth. These are Chocolate no-no's from the AMAZING No Whey! foods. They are 100% vegan and Kosher AND free of the top 8 allergens. There entire catalog is the good stuff. This sadly for your purposes means no peanuts of course, but they're so good.
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Always liked Carob-bean Bars (kosher too!) when I was lactose-intolerant. Also, it may sound gross, but chocolate hummus is better than Jello Pudding*.

*Caveat: vanilla hummus is the exact opposite
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The Unreal Peanut Gems are solid. My partner always has a bag on hand. I had one the other day and thought, "Dang these are good. I miss M&Ms. I should eat these more often."

Also Peanut Chews, but they're something different.
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Unreal Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts. A bit pricey, but they have a beautiful candy shell and they sure scratch that peanut M&M itch. I'm able to find these at my local fancy/natural grocery store, but they're also available online.
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Lily's brand.
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Some types of Lily's chocolate are dairy-free. Lily's is also sugar-free (sweetened with stevia) and low-carb. My very discriminating husband says that they taste "just like real chocolate". They have chocolate chips as well as bars. Lily's dark chocolate chips, which I currently have in my kitchen, appear to be dairy-free. Regarding dairy-free options in general, the Lily's website says:

Our 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bars, 85% Extremely Dark Chocolate Bars, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, 55% Dark Chocolate Baking Chips, 55% Keto Baking Chips and our 55% Baking Bars do not contain animal products. However, these products are made on lines that also process products containing dairy, therefore, we do not recommend consuming if you have a dairy allergy.

It looks like Lily's chocolate-covered peanuts unfortunately have milk fat, so they're not dairy-free, but if you're feeling adventurous, you could buy some peanuts, melt some Lily's dairy-free chocolate, and make your own. Otherwise perhaps the Lily's dark chocolate peanut butter cups that are dairy free are close enough...
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Thank you all! Many orders have been placed. :-) I will continue to check back for more answers
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Agree that the Unreal peanut gems are the most like peanut M&Ms. No Whey! also makes a bar that’s very much like a Milky Way. However, I found it a little hard and thought it benefitted immensely from a few seconds in the microwave.

Many of the Chocolove candy bars are dairy free. The almond and sea salt bar is my favorite, with raspberry chocolate a close second. However, those are all dark chocolate. For something that tastes like milk chocolate, I think No Whey! Is your best bet.
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Search for vegan chocolate! I love Lagusta's Luscious, which is a bit pricey and relatively local to me, but there are others.
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There are lots of great vegan chocolate bars out there, and some good chocolate candies too. Just so you know, there is a distinction between chocolate that is 100% free of dairy (often marked as allergen-free), and chocolate that is manufactured on a line that is also used for milk chocolate. The former is all good, the second may sometimes (but not always) give you some trouble depending on how sensitive you are to dairy. Read the label carefully -- it'll tell you which category it falls into. In any case, here are some of my favorites in both categories...

100% free of dairy:
- Raaka Chocolate - expensive and luxurious. All of their offerings are made with unroasted chocolate and are dairy-free. They have lots of interesting seasonal flavor combinations (e.g. Vanilla Violet, Safflower Saffron, Bananas Foster) and a monthly subscription box which tempts me mightily.
- Pascha chocolate - Decent. I especially like their 55% dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs, but they've also got rice milk chocolate, chocolate spread, and other goodies.
- Enjoy Life chocolate - I use their chips for baking, and they're fine (if not thrilling). They've also got some candy bars that I haven't tried.

No dairy, but manufactured on a line that processes dairy (so may sometimes contain trace amounts):
- The vegan varieties of Chuao Chocolatier. Very delicious, and fun flavors -- the Salted Chocolate Crunch bar is addictively good.
- The vegan varieties of Theo Chocolate. If you like peanut M&Ms, you might like their dark chocolate peanut butter cups (I love them -- and I think they're much better than the Jason's brand dark chocolate peanut butter cups). They also have plenty of other dark chocolate bars.
- The vegan varieties of Endangered Species Chocolate, which come in many flavors. They have a new line of oat milk + chocolate bars that are just delicious -- of all the non-dairy milk chocolates I've tasted so far (and I've tasted many), these are the best.
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Came in to recommend Enjoy Life for chocolate chips. I think they have chocolate bars too, including minis for Halloween etc.
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Cocomels OMG
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Pascha chocolate chips are way better than Enjoy Life, but can be harder to find. Online, Vitacost carries them. I use the 55% cacao for baking.
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I did a blog post on this a couple years ago for a vegan chocolate cookbook, so probably everything I reviewed was vegan. Also Heavenly Organics honey patties, which aren't vegan (due to honey) but are heavenly.
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oh by the way, here is the comprehensive answer to your question.
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Hu Kitchen makes paleo chocolate, so it's dairy free. I especially like the cashew butter and salty varieties but I haven't tried them all.
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