visualizing complex data sources
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I am working on a project that will help key stakeholders visualize and understand all of the sources currently being used in an enterprise (a big one) and then drill down to the source, how its being used, by whom, for what in multiple dimensions.

Curious if anyone has worked on anything similar? Of course there are many great examples build with D3 and other libraries but thought I'd check to see if any one in this group has seen anything advanced or interesting with respect to this use case?

Tree diagrams and sunbursts come to mind but 3 dimensional map of the data landscape would be interesting.

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Is your data in a tree structure or a general graph?
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This is a bit orthogonal to what you're asking, but have you seen dbt? It's a tool for building data pipelines, but it gives you a great tree-style visualization, with space for a bunch of text-based documentation if you'd like.
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Look up Data Catalog solutions, like Alation.
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Thanks all. Ill add some of what I came up with here - we ended up designing something pretty powerful with D3
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Cambridge Intelligence (Star Dog often works with them)




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