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I used to love a site called "The Baydin Email Game by Boomerang" where you gave permission for the site to access to your Gmail inbox, and it gamified the task of emptying the inbox. But it's gone. Does anything like this still exist?

The Email Game had many great features, detailed here and shown in a 1 min video here:
- Timer counting you down- I think the goal was to process 50 emails in 10 minutes.
- A quick-response window, encouraging brevity.
- With one click you could send a reply, archive it, and advance to the next message instantly
- You got a smiley face reward when you cleared an email from your inbox, or progressively sadder faces when you deferred emails and left them in the inbox.

I miss this game terribly... is there anything else out there like this? Thanks!
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Last year Google changed their gmail API, breaking many third-party tools and making it impossible to recreate them. It’s likely nothing like this will ever exist for Gmail again, so if you need this functionality you’d have to use a different email provider.
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