No really, I don't need any more filters
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I want recommendations for an Android picture editing app that does at least two things easily: crop and add text. I'm tired of downloading apps only to find they basically do filters and drawing brushes but not cropping or text, so I'm looking for help. Bonus points for open source and/or free.
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Google Photos has easy-to-use cropping and text tools, and is likely already on your phone.
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Snapseed is a nearly full featured editor that does those things easily. It also has more advanced functionality (yes, including filters, but also real image adjustment, rotation, etc.). It's free and very good. I have been using it for years as my sole photo editor.
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Pixlr is my favorite, and it has both of those features along with many other typical photo-editor tools.
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Bonus round: an any of these do white text with a black border like this?
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Snapseed! I really love it.
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