Closest analog for Icelandic hotdogs?
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I like Sláturfélag Suðurlands hotdogs. Does anyone know what might be the closest substitute that's available in North America?

...or, failing that, a recipe for how to make them at home (I have access to a meat grinder)? I do order them directly from Iceland on occasion, but that gets expensive really quick, and generally isn't a good idea in the summer anyway.

If there's a similar product available elsewhere in the world that can be shipped for less, that'd work too.
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I don't know the particulars or spices specific to that brand, but the form factor (skinny curved natural casing beef) looks, at least, quite similar to Sabrett brand hot dogs in the USA. Worth a try, but might be a little hard to find near you, since they're kind of an NYC thing.
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And/Or: try the butchers / meat counters around you. Butcher shop hotdogs and shelf-stable packaged dogs are on different levels. They also are most likely to have tried a bunch of specialty meats & sausages and know where to get them for you.
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Best answer: Icelandic hot dogs are mainly lamb, with some pork and beef mixed in and not much in the way of seasoning - mostly salt, maybe some thyme.

Here’s a recipe for Icelandic-style hot dogs with equal parts lamb, pork, and beef. You’ll want to use natural lamb casing, though you’ll see this recipe doesn’t.
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Not the same, but you might like this pork frankfurter in a lamb casing.
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Looks like you may be ale to order them online. They ship only in US and they have to ship cold with ice.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately I’ve ordered from them before (with good results) but their website is presently infected with ad malware, hence part of my reason to seek alternatives...
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Here is the list of ingredients:

Wine sausages 10 pcs.

Bovine, swine and bovine meat (65%), water, SUBSTANCE,
potato flour, salt, SOAPPROTIN, grape sugar, spices (SINNEP),
maltodextrin, binder (E450, E451), preservative (E250),
antioxidants (E301). Cattle protein casings.
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If your profile location is accurate, maybe check with these people. They may have an analogue suggestion, or a better import link.
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Just a note on the google translate there. The three meats are mutton, pork, and beef. "substance" is whey or milk protein. Sinnep is mustard.
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Response by poster: Pursuant to the link by theory, above, I'm going to try this recipe once I get my act in order, although the emulsification step might be a tad difficult.

Thank you all!
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