Ideas for what to do with leftover middle eastern flatbread
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Help me repurpose a large amount of flatbread so that it does not go to waste.

We have an excessive amount of middle eastern flatbread left over from a recent take out order. It is on the verge of going stale. I want to save and repurpose this delicious bread somehow. Please share your recipes and ideas.

This is not pita bread, it is huge floppy flat bread rounds, if that helps.
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You can use it as a base for pizza.

You can also freeze it, which is probably what I’d do.
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How about fattoush salad?
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Cut it into cracker size strips/squares, brush it with olive oil and bake it at 400 degrees for about 7-8 minutes on a metal baking sheet to make crackers.

Cut/tear it into smaller pieces and make a "strata" - it's basically like a baked eggs, veggies, and bread dish.

Cut/tear it into smaller pieces and make chilaquiles with this instead of tortillas.

Make wraps with it for dinner? Make panini/quesadillas style melted cheese sandwiches with it?
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Cut it into cracker size strips/squares, brush it with olive oil and bake it at 400 degrees for about 7-8 minutes on a metal baking sheet to make crackers.

Add delicious herbs and spices before baking for very tasty snacks.
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You can process it into breadcrumbs and freeze them for later use.
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Breadcrumbs for sure. You can make meatballs with them, or make a stuffing for mushrooms or veggies.
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Breadcrumbs might be the easiest and most flexible. Bake at the lowest heat your oven will go until crisp dry, then pop into a bag and whack with a rolling pin/whatever to make crumbs, or use a food processor. Freeze them for virtually forever. Use a bit whenever you make any kind of baked dish you want crunchiness on top of, any stuffing or filler to ground meat, also good as a thickener in lots of soups, and of course to do a breading on fried things.

If it is very plain in flavor you can do a desserty thing kind of like a sopapilla or fry bread. Cut into strips or squares and fry them until all puffy and crispy, then drizzle with honey or jam or chocolate and your favorite spices like cinnamon and nutmeg or whatever you have around that goes with whatever spreads you have. Dust with powdered sugar as well of course. I like a blueberry jam and honey with some cardamom on frybread because I'm fancy as hell but honestly get creative and use up what you have.
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Cover the flat bread in sloppy pizza sauce and let it stand to soften for a bit, add a top layer of cheese and sausage and bake briefly. If you like veggie pizza, par-cook thinly sliced mushrooms onions and green peppers in your microwave until they are soft, drain them well and put them into the sauce. Once the little pizzas are cooked freeze them. Reheated in the micro they are chewy. Reheated in the oven they come out crisp.
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a BIG second for fattoush
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Came here to say fattoush so I third that.
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Do you know what kind of bread you have? Like, is it lavash or laffa or...?
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meaty shoe puppet- based on image searches, it looks like Khubz possibly. I will be sure to ask the next time we order.

If I was not limiting my grocery runs due to covid-19, fattoush would have been my first choice. Ahmad Khani, I will definitely be making your fattoush recipe the next time I find myself in this situation- it looks delicious!

The bread is in the oven and will be turning into bread crumbs shortly.
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