Who can help me factory reset a Chinese phone with a borked recovery?
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I bought a used e-ink Android phone from someone on eBay. It's got a numerical passcode on it. I want to wipe it, but the recovery menu is skinned and in Chinese and none of the buttons cause a force wipe. Is there another way to reset the device? Or can you suggest a subreddit/forum where someone more-tech-than-me can help?

The phone is a Hisense A5; I bought it from someone in the USA and have a note in to them but so far they haven't gotten back to me.
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Try the chinaphones subreddit, or the xda dev forums.

I'm assuming you've tried this? https://www.hardreset.info/devices/hisense/hisense-a5/

Little trick for deciphering the Chinese: install google translate on *your* phone and use camera view. If translate fails to understandably translate the options that are appearing for you on the Hisense, see if the Chinese language subreddit can help. They're a nice bunch.
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