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If you were going to carry a chill largeish cat in a sling like a baby, how would you go about it?

Maggie Murderface likes to be held and carried around the house. Her humans like to hold and carry her, so everybody wins, but the humans' arms get tired. There are a million and one different carriers and techniques for tying baby slings out there, so we need help narrowing down what we should try.

Most important features: 1. able to comfortably support her ~12 lbs and 2. easy in-easy out. Even if she likes it, we want to be able to seamlessly end the snuggle session when she decides it's over.

We have lots of different kinds of fabric and various craft supplies on hand. We're not opposed to spending some money on this experiment, but not a ton since Miss Maggie might just object to the whole concept.
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Maggie is totally adorable! My three kitties love hanging out in kitty björns for several minutes or hours until they decide to get out. Whether it is a true baby like sling

Or a more kitty björn like carrier.

Since you're in Seattle, the kitty cuddle sweatshirt is also an option.

My kitties do not have any trouble getting out of any of them as long as I tuck them in. In the case of my two big cuddlers, they love to use the sweatshirt in colder weather and the kitty björn in warmer weather. YMMV because cats.
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A friend carries her cat in a simple sling.
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First of all, Maggie Murderface is an awesome cat with the awesomest name.

My dear departed Melanie the CH kitty demanded to be carted around all morning as I was getting ready for work, so a sling was pretty much a necessity. The first one I made for her was basically a denim bag with straps sewn to the four corners, that I would put on like a backwards backpack. But she outgrew it, so I just looked on the internet fora baby sling pattern and made that. I'm sure you've seen the kind - it looks like a big version of a sling you;d put a broken arm in, but some of the seams are curved. There are a ton of DIY patterns out there, so even with minimal sewing skills you should be fine. I didn't adapt the pattern at all except to use the measurements they recommended for her weight. I used cow-print quilting fabric, and it was plenty strong enough. Pop her in, and she'd be happy for hours, purring bonelessly away.

Now, she did get kind of hissy when it was time to be lifted out of the sling. I don't have any advice for working around that; it wasn't really a big problem with Melanie since she was only a six-pounder.
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I would just use a sarong. I had a foster cat who would cry and cry if I didn't. A sarong is comfortable, cheap, and cute.
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Carried around the house cradled in an arm, feet up? Sling.
No cost trial:
Get a towel, lay it lengthwise. Or maybe fold it lengthwise.
Tie each end into a knot. This will bunch up the rest of the fabric, forming a 'hammock' in the middle.
Find a comfortable 'strap' of your choosing, tie one end around each knot.
Throw this over your head and one shoulder.
Easy to sink into and purr, or roll over and hop out of.
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In my opinion as the owner of two cats and about six baby carriers, the simple boba wrap is what you want. It's less structured, so it's more flexible. Since you don't have a human baby, any structure would get it wrong, plus you'll have these arm and leg holes that Kitty's limbs can get stuck in. You could use the off-to-the-side hold that newborns tend to gravitate toward (image with baby -
but don't pay that much!). Cuddly cats like to be cradled kind of the way human newborns are used to being curled up in a little bundle.
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