Unidentified application window - visible for 100th of a second
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I have a window that pops up very briefly, probably for less than a 100th of a second. It does it about maybe 15 times a day and interrupts some actions, like if I'm typing. How do I find out what it is and kill it?

I don't think it interrupts all applications when it occurs. I'm not even sure when it started, maybe a month ago. Any ideas welcome. It's black-ish and covers about a fifth of my screen.

Win10 Home 64bit
A lot of CAD and GIS software

In this time period I have installed these:
MiKTeX 2.9
Microsoft Office 365 Business - en-us
Adobe Flash Player 32 NPAPl
Epic Privacy Browser
Affinity Designer
Take Control Agent
Cisco Webex Meetings
Mozilla Firefox 74.0
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I don’t know what’s causing it but black and a fifth of the screen sounds a lot like a quick flash of the Windows command prompt. In which case something is quickly executing a script.
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Best answer: Sysmon would be able to tell you what's doing it, though there's a firehose of information that you'd have to go through.
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You could open Task Scheduler and see if there's something scheduled. You could follow these instructions to turn on and search event logging.
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Sysmon is what i would use, but it's definitely for technical users. For your case, stop capture after you see the window, and then search for createprocess.
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You could set up something like a dashcam which records constantly in a loop and can be locked after an event. Perhaps it can catch the window for the short moment it appears.
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Response by poster: I ended up using Process Explorer (PE) and setting Difference Highlight Duration to 9 seconds, and then leaving a window running, when the event happened I had it in PE and it was Clavier keyboard shortcut tool. As to why it's doing this is another matter but at least I know the what.

Thanks Candleman, if ever I get a serious problem I'll try that route.
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