Apple News+ (Or similar subscription bundles) - Worth it?
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I’m considering subscribing to Apple News+. If you have it, would you recommend it? Are there similar site subscription bundles I should look into?

More and more of the publications I like reading online are getting extremely strict with their paywalls, and so much of the content I want to read is moving behind said paywalls. I have no objection to paying for good content, but I don’t want to (and can’t afford to) pay hundreds of dollars every year for each individual site. That adds up! Paying one price for a bundle of sites, though, is much more doable. If you subscribe to Apple News+, do you get content from the print issues only or do you have access to digital-only content as well? Does any other site or app provide similar services? (I have digital subscriptions to the New York Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Sun-Times already.)
I do have access to Flipster through my local library, and some of the publications are available there, but it’s for print content only.

Help me, hive mind!
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I’ve been subscribed to Apple News+ since day one, and I’m still subscribed if that gives you any indication of how much I use it.

In some ways, it definitely seems like an afterthought for both Apple and most publications, but I find that for most publications, I have access to both the print and digital content. For some publications it’s simply a print reproduction, i.e., no true content flow to take advantage of limited screen real estate. Other publications definitely leverage the platform.

One “trick” I’ve discovered is to use the “Share” button in Safari when I land on a page behind a paywall, and to select the “News” app as a destination. If the site is an Apple News+ partner, it’ll usually open in the app without the paywall, e.g., “The Atlantic.”

And they’re still adding new publications as well.
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