switching to dvorak on OS X
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Help me install/switch to Dvorak layout on OSX.

I want to learn to type on a Dvorak layout. (Just because). However, I can't seem to find this switch option on my laptop. It's an iBook G4, OS X.

I've looked in System preference, under keyboard, and I can't find that option. I've tried downloading a layout and installing that, but it doesn't install.

Any other ideas?

Thank you!
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Which OS X? 10.2,10.2.8,10.3,10.4.4 etc.
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Response by poster: 10.3.9
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Best answer: You should be able to go to the "International" option in "System Preferences." You should then see three tabs, choose "Input Menu," scroll down the choices until you find Dvorak, select it.

You will have to scroll past several asian layouts before you get to the alphabetical ones.

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Ah ha! Thank you so much. I was so frustrated. I guess I quickly scrolled through that and didn't see the option hiding there. =)
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FWIW, the Apple Pro keyboard tolerates poping keycaps well.

I took all the keys off of my Apple Pro keyboard and arranged them in the Dvorak layout.
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hijack: any suggestions on freeware dvorak typing tutors for the mac?
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