What kind of exercise equipment is this?
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Howdy! We're trying to identify if there's a specific name for this piece of exercise equipment you'd find in a public park, or how you'd think it could be used. It's a tall pole with notches, topped with 4 chains with padding. Pic inside.

Image of the equipment in question.
Naturally this won't be used *right now* - just a curiosity seen in a socially-distanced run.

Thanks for your input!
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Click-able link here.

Is it definitively exercise equipment, as opposed to public sculpture?
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I'm skeptical that this is "exercise equipment". It looks to be back in a corner of the park, pretty close to a fence, which is not exactly conducive to working out. Could it be a partially disassembled/abandoned old play structure part (like one corner of a square/rectangular thing) or something?
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Yandex seems to think it's either the Laputa robot from castle in the sky or "Latvian Children's Exercise Equipment."
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The logo on the pole seems to most closely resemble this manufacturer: https://www.kompan.us/
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How tall is the top of the pole? My initial guess was part of (or a really bad) disc golf target, but that seems very unlikely.

Still, I'm having a lot of fun searching around the Kompan website. Good eye subocoyne!
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I'd say you're supposed to grip the chains, maybe hang from them, and the blue mushroomlike thingies are there so you don't pinch your fingers on the links.
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It's definitely playground equipment. You can't see the base in the photo but I'm guessing it has a roundish bottom section like this: https://www.kompan.us/play/freestanding/supernova-carousels-spinners/junior-spica
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Yes, I've narrowed it down to a piece of Kompan playground equipment that's probably from 2002-2006. From the examples I'm seeing though, it's looking more likely to be the remaining corner of a larger piece of equipment. I haven't found an example of a stand-alone piece that matches this.

Are there more of these in the same area?
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Paging through the Kompan catalogue is good fun. Makes me wish I was a professional playground designer. But I don't see OP's item in there.
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I'm digging through older PDF catalogs. My date range seems to be the era when that style post was common among most of their line, and they were using that chain-with-finger-protectors style. They seem to have switched almost entirely to rope and mostly to simpler posts sometime shortly after that.

I haven't found many catalogs though, so I could be off by several years...
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Kompan seem to use the thick black posts and chains with grips in the Elements school-age sets, but I haven't seen a match for the exact piece anywhere and the descriptions don't really seem to suggest a name for it either.
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I would ask a few neighborhood kids what they think.
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Standing alone like that, I would say it's close to a frisbee golf target.
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Would you put a frisbee golf target that close to a fence?
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If the combined might of AskMe can't help, the folk at r/whatisthisthing are surprisingly good at identifying all sorts of shit you'd never think was identifiable.
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Would you put a frisbee golf target that close to a fence?

Not my fence, so sure: extra points for difficulty, in our House Rules!

Nah, if the chains were longer, maybe -- but those weird, child-hand-preserving things are definitely not for frisbees. :7)
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