Android tablet/keyboard for testing WebGL app, or other options?
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I'm participating in an open-source software project to visualize some data. The testing I've done in desktop Google Chrome's developer mode is not helping me fix Android-specific bugs, which are invariably found when the end user pulls out their Android phone, but which do not show up in Chrome on my non-touch desktop. I'd like to test how the interface works (or fails) on an Android mobile device, without buying an Android phone.

1. Crossing fingers, is there any decent software emulator other than desktop Google Chrome, which can be used for testing how the UI behaves on a Google mobile device, without buying an Android device?

2. If I have to bite the bullet and buy an Android device, can I use a tablet to emulate the dimensions and behavior of a specific Android phone/mobile screen? (Various models with screens with various dimensions; how the app responds with device rotations; etc.). Is there software to make the tablet and its hardware mock the hardware characteristics of any particular phone?

3. The engine underneath this web application uses WebGL and so any hardware device needs a decent, modern graphics adapter for testing to be doable. Is there a tablet+keyboard combination under $500 that provides solid graphics support? (I'd like to avoid a situation where I drag something and wait a second or two for something to update, that sort of thing.)

My previous experience with Android was with an Amazon Fire, and I've since had zero interest in going down that road again, but it looks like I've hit some limit of what desktop Chrome can do to emulate mobile. I also have no use for an Android phone. I'd like to avoid spending any money on the Android ecosystem, if I can, but I guess I could at least pass down this tablet to someone else, when I'm done with this project.

If there's an adequately powerful tablet/keyboard combination to be had that is within budget, since I'm out of pocket, I'd be curious for recommendations. Thanks for any advice.
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Browserstack will let you test on real Android devices. I'm 95% sure they support WebGL on Android as well.
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Have you tried an Android emulator/virtual machine? I'm mostly familiar with the one in Android Studio but there are other options if you do some searching. No idea whether it handles WebGL well enough for your needs or not, but most options are free or low cost to try out before you go shelling out for a real device.
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