What program or app can I use to host online trivia?
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What program or app can I use to host online trivia?

I’ll be hosting an hour of virtual trivia with my friends. I will be reading questions, some of which may have an accompanying photo or video. I need a way for everyone to be able to see and hear me, and also to (privately) answer each question.

My current plan is to do the trivia on Zoom. Players could use either their phone or computer. Then, I will set up a text chat with each individual player, for them to answer the questions.

I see two drawbacks. First, anyone on their phone is going to have to switch back and forth between the zoom app and their phone app. Second, it requires my friends to be smart enough to not post their answers in the zoom group chat where everyone can see them.

Is there a better way to do this? Some app or program that is best situated for a fun night or trivia?
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Low-tech, but could people write their answers on a notepad and then after "3-2-1" they hold it up to the camera? You record the score after each question. Could be fun because everyone gets to see the answers from other players, but you would have to do the answers after each question.
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We've been using Zoom to host, power point or google slides for the questions and people have been writing answers down on pen and paper.

At the end of each round answers are revealed and players announce their score. Relies on the honour system and everyone's had fun so far.
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My Girl Scout troop uses Kahoot for trivia games. I've never been the one to set it up, so I don't know how easy that is. What we do is start the meeting on Zoom, then the person who set it up for that day shares their screen on Zoom so we see the questions, and we all answer either on phones or in another window on our computers. It works well enough.
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My office has been doing trivia once a week using a site called quizizz. Judging by the subject matter that loads up on the splash page (a different link gets posted to our intranet than what I've posted above), a lot of educators are using it as well. Our office is split into small teams that have a 15 minute meeting every morning, and the trivia takes place during that meeting. We're all working remotely at the moment, so each small team has their own zoom meeting that they call into, and one person will share their screen with the quiz app running so other people can chime in with answers. Other teams are taking the quiz at the same time, so we can see how we're doing relative to other teams when the score updates after each question. Quizzes are pre-loaded up to the site using a spreadsheet, and for our quizzes, have been multiple choice questions with a time limit on each one. I've only done it the way we've done it, so I'm not sure if there are other options for the format.

I'm not sure how well that would translate to multiple single players - you could still all be logged into zoom together, but I have a double monitor situation going at home, so I can have zoom on one screen and quizizz on the other, so I'm not losing anything. If everyone's working with one monitor in your group, they might have zoom going on in the background while everyone plays individually logged into quizizz on their own browsers.
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I've been to two different trivia events via Zoom.

In one where there were prizes, answers were posted to chat and the first three responders got a point. The chat made it transparent to all participants so there was no question as to who deserved points. The downside was that there is a huge advantage to being a fast typer.

The other was not for prizes, so there was more of an honor system. We wrote our answers for each round on a score sheet and then the answers were revealed at the end of the round. We tallied up our points ourselves.
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I've been watching a weekly trivia night where I believe the hosts are on StreamYard, and each team has their own Zoom chat (or maybe some other platform). While asking questions, only the hosts are on the main StreamYard feed (the players are just watching), but when it's time to answer each team sends a designated answer-er to the StreamYard feed (with answers written down on paper). I think this probably works more smoothly if there are two hosts, or one host and one tech person. I'm not sure if it makes a difference whether StreamYard or Zoom is used as the "main feed".
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One of my weekly trivia games uses a Google docs form for teams to submit answers. They all end up in a table for him to mark, but if you have more than a few teams that can take awhile.
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I hosted a few weeks of zoom trivia with a modest cash prize. We displayed questions in a PowerPoint (actually whatever the google docs equivalent of a PowerPoint is) and had players write answers on a paper and take a picture and text it to us. We built in intermissions to score and tally, but when we had 13 teams participating it was tough to get them all done and we had 2 hosts so one could tally while the other was leading trivia.
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Maybe send a message to MeFite chicobangs?

He is everything trivia and does host an online version.
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