Replacement parts for an (apparently) very old pressure washer
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Seeking help in find replacement for a Karcher pressure washer.

Found an older model electric Karcher pressure washer by the side of the road. It works but lacks the attachments, which has sent me down the rabbit hole of trying to find replacement parts.

It is model K2 97m. After that number is a series of numbers which may or may not be part of the model: 1.421.211.0.

This has yielded nothing so I am turning to the wise ones on Metafilter. Where do YOU look for parts to older equipment? Thanks so much.
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So, most of the fittings on pressure washers are standardized, even on older models. Without being able to see what exact kind of fittings are there and aren't it's hard to say. But generally, any replacement wand and hoses should work. My virtual hardware store is McMaster Carr. They are often a bit more expensive than like, home depot or a local hardware store, but their catalog is fucking bananas insane huge. This is typically where I go for "the one time" thing, if I know i'm going to need more than just the one buy, I tend to stay away and find cheaper sources for building materials, oftentimes finding a specialist in my local area. This is their pressure washing section, you can buy a replacement wand and pressure hose there.

This is also where I learned about water brooms, which are fucking awesome.
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The moment I saw 1.421.211.0 I thought "Sears part number".

It looks like that P/N crosses to Karcher's K 2.97 M-VPS-PL-WB so that makes sense. I found some parts here but it looks like you can use that complete model # to find what you want where you want.
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And this site has exploded assembly diagrams if you need to figure out what is what.
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As noted, pressure washer components like hoses are pretty standard in the US - which is why you aren't having much luck finding what you are looking for. Most Karcher fittings will work - this one list compatibility as just "pressure washers". The great thing about exceptions in this category of goods is that folks will have complained on the internet about any oddball units with weird fittings, and I searched for K2 and didn't find anything weird.

But, check and see if you can borrow a hose from someone or get one from somewhere you can return it. The pressure washer nozzle produces significant back pressure and that unit you found might fail under load - usually a leak in the pump system or it might not be able to even build pressure.
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Y'all are awesome as always. Thanks for sharing your expertise.
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