What was this high-concept stationery "goods" web store?
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Sometime in the past few weeks I saw a web store selling a variety of products with dubious uses. In particular, I remember the item that looks like a classic rubber eraser, but is actually a crayon. Now I want to show it to someone and I can't find it.

They also had "single-use" erasers (i.e. teeny-tiny versions of the classic eraser shape), a variety of paperclips in fun shapes, and other stuff that I don't remember now. Most of it seemed to be related to writing: pencils, erasers, paper, and so on.

Most items were clearly not meant to be practical goods. I thought it had the vibe of an art project more than a cheap novelty shop.

Any internet search that includes "eraser" and "crayon" only seems to turn up a billion crayon-erasing items, so I'm hoping someone else here has also seen it and can recognize it from my description.
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Present and Correct?
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CW Pencil?
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Best answer: Wask.
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Paperback Version has it! Here's your surprise crayon.

What a pleasing site.
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Those are so fun!

Since it's sold out and the joke is over, what shape do the Grown-Up Grow Capsules become?
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Response by poster: It was definitely Wask. Thank you all!

I can't believe I forgot about the Think Twice Dice. That's probably how I ran across the site in the first place.
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My favorite AMF of the day. Thanks. Great discoveries.
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Response by poster: Now I can't stop thinking about Think Twice style Sicherman dice.
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