Your best recipe for brigadeiros
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Simply what it says on the tin: If you’ve made brigadeiros and love the recipe you used, please share. Also appreciate tips/tricks for getting them smooth and luscious, ideas for things to roll the sweets in, other than sprinkles or chopped nuts. TIA!
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It’s a really simple thing to make. I’m sure you can get fancy with the chocolate powder and sprinkles. Here’s my recipe, that I got from my cousin, who got it from her maternal grandmother who was a confectioner..
1 can of condensed milk
2 tablespoons of chocolate powder
2 tablespoons of butter

Melt butter in pan, add can of condensed milk and chocolate powder. Stir on low heat until you can see the bottom of the pan. Allow to cool for an hour. Coat hands with butter, roll small balls then coat with chocolate sprinkles. Place in small pieces of foil.

Tip: I drop the balls into a bowl of sprinkles and use a spoon to get it fully coated.
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I should probably add that this is my one of favorite desserts, we make that recipe all the time, take it to parties and gatherings, and always get asked for the recipe. It’s pretty smooth and luscious!
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My best friend growing up was Brazilian, and her family always made brigadeiros with Nesquick powder rather than unsweetened cocoa powder - this recipe looks accurate. I'm not sure that the candy really needs the extra sugar in the mix, but nesquick does dissolve beautifully and brings a nice almost-saltiness to the flavor. They're really quite easy, though; as long as you're careful not to burn it (or burn yourself), there's little that can go wrong.

Also, good chocolate sprinkles (like these) rather than the regular waxy ones make a huge difference.
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tasty demais (the brazilian tasty) posted these brigadeiros variations awhile ago, and overall the comments on them were positive and fun and people didn't seem mad about the ideas!
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In case anyone's interested, I made the brigadeiros with half chocolate powder and half Nesquik powder - a tip I read somewhere that turned out to be really useful was to sift the chocolate powder into the condensed milk so it doesn't form little clumps. I also needed more condensed milk than I had on hand, and used a can of dulce du leche for one batch that gave it a nice caramel flavor with the chocolate. Next time, I'd use salted butter instead of unsalted to cut some of the sweetness. Coated half of them with ground salted pistachios (made my own because store-bought ones tend to be too salty to use in sweets) and the other half with the high-quality chocolate sprinkles that mosst mentioned up there. These were for a drop off "potluck" we organized in the family and everyone who got a box of these loved them!

Thanks again!
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