Saving Tweets to Evernote?
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I'm having some issues saving Tweets to Evernote and am looking for a fix, or an alternate way of doing it.

While browsing Twitter on the iPhone app there is a "Share Tweet via..." option in the Share Tweet menu for each Tweet. This brings up another menu containing options for sharing to text messages, email, and various apps. You can enable Evernote as one of these options, which I have done. Selecting this option brings up this prompt, which lets you edit the Evernote note and choose which Notebook to put it in.

However, when you save the note and go to look at it in the Evernote app, you just see this. No content from the Tweet, just an error message asking you to log in to Twitter. But when I click on Log In, successfully log in when the prompt opens, and return to the note, it still shows the same error content.

I've tried updating and reinstalling both the Evernote and Twitter apps and restarting the phone, but the problem persists. Is there a fix for this, or another way to let me easily save individuals Tweets as individual Evernote notes? Any help or insight on this problem is much appreciated.
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This sounds like a perfect use for If This Then That.
It looks like you can connect Twitter to Evernote, and then do all sorts of things.
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Came to say this ^^^^^

IFTTT will do this.
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