Adobe CC Subscriptions on two cards?
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I've got a work laptop with an Adobe CC subscription for Photoshop that my job pays for. I want to add Indesign, but pay for it myself. The production manager who pays for the other subscription is not someone I can speak to about this and my IT guy is fairly useless, telling me he'll help and then ghosting. What are my options?
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Is it possible to switch the whole subscription to a personal credit card and then expense the Photoshop portion for reimbursement?
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Is it possible to switch the whole subscription to a personal credit card and then expense the Photoshop portion for reimbursement?

Unfortunately, no. I think there's an "I want the points" situation involved.
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You'd need two separate Creative Cloud accounts, which each need their own e-mail address. Then, technically, you'd have to log out of one CC account and then into the other to switch back and forth between programs. There may be enough of a lag on Adobe's end between logging out of one account and into the other than you can have both programs open at the same time, but I if not, it could be a real PITA if you need to switch back and forth between programs. I'd suggest trying it out by setting up a second CC account and downloading the trial version of Indesign to see how awkward it is to switch back and forth.

I suppose you could contact Adobe and see if they could split the billing (it seems unlikely, though, that they'd be set up to do that, since it can't be a common situation).
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There is no solution to this that involves going through Adobe. It's hard enough getting them to deal with credit card issues on accounts that have Teams with dozens or hundreds of users. They won't do split billing on anything like an individual Photoshop account.

Logging in and out continuously to multiple accounts is not a great solution as you won't be able to manage cloud fonts and other resources properly. Maybe if you were just going to pop into ID every few days to work on a pet personal piece it would be acceptable but I can't imagine actually juggling projects this way.

I think you'll need to work this out internally with your purchasing and IT people. Have them upgrade the account and work out a way for you to pay the upgrade price, or get someone higher up the chain to find a business use case that will allow you to just get the full suite as a requirement for your job. The price difference on this is like tens of dollars a month, it has to be doable.
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Success, I think!

Just spent an hour or so on the phone with them, going through three agents. I'm told that this worked, they discounted the monthly price and gave me three free months. So, tentatively, I think I'm good. It's installed, and the discounted $15.99 price hit my credit card already. Fingers crossed.

Now, off to start this book finally.
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