Places other than Etsy to find independent artists?
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In particular I'm looking for pots and planters. I'll also take recommendations of specific artists if you have any. Specifics inside.

I'm looking for pots for my plants. So ideally these pots would have drainage holes, but I'm also fine with picking up some pots to use as cache pots (meaning that you keep the plant in a plastic pot like the kind they come in at the store and then stick the plastic pot in the pretty pot).

The big problem is size. I've been looking on Etsy, and most of these planters are in the 3"-5" inch height range, and I need planters bigger than that, as the plants I need to transplant are already in planters that size or even larger.

I think I'm aware of most of the big commercial places to get planters (Wayfair, Target, Amazon, Lowes/Home Depot, Overstock, Ikea/CB2/Pottery Barn/West Elm), but I would love to take advantage of this rare opportunity to support independent artists if I can.
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Locally, we have Baltimore Clayworks, which might be a good place to call for ideas, especially since shipping can be significant. Before they reopened they had classes for many abilities, and there was more than one on plant vessels. The place is organized on the concept of a shared kiln, and does have studio space for artists.
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The Sill is shipping. They're not cheap, but they do work with NYC designers. You might also check out your local indie nursery (like Tend in Greenpoint); they might have pots you like or suggestions for local makers.
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Mimi Ceramics in Portland makes some gorgeous and often big pots.
Gopi Shah also has beautiful planters.
I like Mud Witch too.
Pottery by Osa sometimes makes planters too.
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A friend just bought a custom-painted planter from this person and it turned out so cool. You tell her what kinds of things you like and she designs something just for you!
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Doing a search for #handmadeplanters on Instagram turns up some nice results. You can also search #pottery and #clay.
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