Role models for introverted male solopreneur?
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I am an introverted freelance worker (content writing) that struggles to get myself out of there and market myself/make connections/make myself visible. Looking for role models, people to follow, things to read.

Basically looking for anything to inspire and uplift me, anything that is encouraging when it comes to viewing introversion and sensitivity as a strength when it comes to running a solo freelance business.

I am open to blogs, Instagram, Facebook, books (already read the Susan Cain one)... anything really.

I have recently found some interesting people and communities to follow online but a lot of them are more geared toward being safe spaces for women and I want to avoid encroaching on those spaces.

To give an example, I recently came across Instagrammer suzydarke and I really like the vibe she portrays. Any more like that?

I know a lot of these people I'm looking to follow might be selling courses and things, that is fine.
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For me, the folks I listen to (via books, blogs, podcasts) are Seth Godin and Tim Ferris (I'd look past the cover on Tim here)
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I've found Rick Turoczy's TEDx talk, An Introvert's Guide to Networking useful.
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I've found Dan Pinks books to be very useful (e.g. To sell is human : the surprising truth about moving others), he writes more for people who are choosing to work alone / freelance rather than introverts per se.

He's a positive guy without the american-ness than puts me off most US books.
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